Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Follow Me - When Things are Worthwhile

I dropped my lovely Samsung S3 from the top of the Badger and it fell itself to death on the rocks below. We are quite far away from any place that could replace or repair it here at the test facility, in the Northern Cape, making that option impossible.
For many people that could spell disaster at a test such as this one, but I am fortunate that the other members of my team are willing to help out and make calls on my behalf where necessary. We sorted out some ammunition that we needed (thank you, Derek) and some technical adjustments to the system we are testing (thank you, Derek and Nico). And these are only for the phone calls that I couldn't make.
The rest of the team are pulling their weight (Noel, Tienie, Paul and our youngest member Charl) during the firing. In the meantime Jors, André and Jeff are gathering the data that we need for the evaluations after the tests. Tomorrow it is Kassie's turn for directing the data we need to capture for the final section of the first part of our tests.
Some of the team are leaving soon, while more are flying in tonight and tomorrow for the second phase of our tests.
It wasn't a simple task to plan and schedule everyone in and out, since the facility is fairly isolated. That isolation also required tools and equipment that had to make the trip too, and my logistic right hand, Neville and our truck driver, Sam, did a sterling job on that score.
Yet, all those headaches are nothing when I see the smiles on the guys' faces at the end of the day. All those meetings and technical preparations beforehand were worth it as we are making terrific progress towards the results we are ultimately aiming for.
The only sad thing - I cannot post the pictures that I had taken of the guys, they are on my phone :(