Sunday, 5 May 2013

Book Launch for charity: My Kort vir jou Sop (Afrikaans anthology)

It isn't everyday that I have the opportunity to introduce you to a book published in my mother tongue, Afrikaans, where I know at least one of the authors. Vanessa Wright, a member of my writers group recently had a flash fiction story published in an anthology with several well-known South African writers.

The anthology covers myriad themes as each writer decided what he or she would like write about. All proceeds will go to Kleinmond library and soup kitchen. The ebook is available on Amazon, Kalahari and soon to be released on Kobo. A paper edition is in the offing.

What the publisher and some of the writers had to say:

The publisher, Trisa Hugo, from Boekemakranka says the idea for the anthology presented itself while she was busy with the weekly ironing. She immediately stopped ironing, switched on her computer and started emailing writers. The response she received was overwhelming.

Rika du Plessis author of Flopsies met Floozies: 
The idea for the story came form an older friend of my mother who had been cheated on by her husband for many years before she decided to divorce him. She was the one who had all the money and he walked off with half of it. After the divorce she a family member died and she received an enormous amount of money. Her ex-husband was angry about the fact that he couldn't share in the wealth.
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Vanessa Wright author of Vyf en 'n drie-kwart ure in Gekkeparadys and Spieelbeeld: 
My ideas and subsequent stories seem to come from a darker side of me and the themes almost always involve loss. The seed of the idea takes a while to germinate until I wake up one morning with the entire story written in my head. I love this creative process. I tend to think visually and try to convey that to the reader.
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