Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tips, Tricks and Tales: Where to Find Advice

The easy answer toward the question of finding the answer is the internet. Yes, we all know that, but it is not an easy answer either. We are pressed for time, and as a writer I am constantly trying to improve my craft.
While I am a good beta reader, I am a terrible editor, and I know that. However,  the more I write I also learn to become better at spotting my mistakes. This kind of learning does not happen by itself and there are several resources available to help me, to become a better writer.
The vastness of the internet is overwhelming to many and while you might be adept at searching for just that fact, why not use what has already been identified as good resources?
I was browsing around on the website where I buy digital magazines and found the 2014 edition of the Writer's Yearbook from Writer's Digest. It was even available at a good price! ☺
Inside the magazine there is also a long list of websites and blogs that have been voted by writers as the best for the kind of information that we need.
Again the list may be a bit overwhelming, but pick three and check them out. Read the advice offered by the host and use that become a better writer/blogger.
Of course you can subscribe to them all, but again where to find the time! I made a copy of the list on my computer. While the host might appreciate it more if I subscribed, I simply don't have the time to read all that email. But keeping the list close, I have an invaluable resource at hand that I can use and share with my fellow writers.

How do you manage your online resources?