Friday, 17 October 2014

Featured Book: Fallen Angel by Lynne Lexow

Set in South Africa, with all its current problems, Mo Quinn is born into a family with an indifferent mother and alcoholic father. Although very intelligent, far above average, he has little hope of becoming someone of significance, yet when life deals him another bad hand he embarks on a journey which teaches him the tremendous highs and terrible lows of life.
Throughout the story the reader becomes aware that Mo is no ordinary man and that he has another quest to complete, a quest not of this world.
We meet the people who become Mo’s friends and family and we also live through their pain and happiness, how it affects him and how it ultimately brings him to the final conclusion of his quest.

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About the Author
I have always been writing, often preferring to write than to speak. I tried many creative genre's, even a little modeling in my youth as well as dabbling in tv dramas, yet life intervened, husband, children and along with it the need for survival. For many years I acted as facilities manager, managing shopping centers. After some family trauma I decided that all that was left to me was to finally be true to myself and do what I have always dreamed of doing..writing and painting. It was a long, hard road to getting my first book published, but one I am grateful I finally took. My second, third and fourth novel already patiently waiting on my computer to be re-worked and hopefully also to be turned into the 'real thing', writing has now become a way of life.

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