Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Book Feature: START TO WRITE by Christine Royse Niles

About the Book
Start to Write began a few years ago as a talk for new interns in a storytelling development program called “Eight Things I Wish I Knew When I Started As A Writer.” After sharing the talk a couple times, one of the organization’s staff writers suggested the book. Author Christine Royse Niles had worked on books for a many other authors, but had never finished or published one of her own, and the first edition was born.

In Start to Write, Niles shares eight lessons she learned in her first years of being a writer, and offers eight steps to help overcome the most common fears and barriers facing growing writers. She addresses questions every writer asks, including “Will anyone will ever read what I’m writing?” “What if this has already been said?” and “How can I find a mentor to guide me?”
Start to Write will help the reader recognize—maybe even articulate for the first time—something that’s been holding them back from growing as a writer. Maybe it’s the myth that writers need a formal education or the fear that each word must be perfect before it’s set down on paper or through the keyboard. Whatever it is, by seeing it, naming it, and facing it down, each writer can start to write.

Christine Royse Niles
Christine Royse Niles
About the Author
Christine Royse Niles is a corporate refugee from Fort Wayne, Indiana where she and her husband are raising two teenage girls adopted from Ukraine. She likes to make up stories before the crack of dawn, and she works with growing writers to publish and launch books by the light of day. She has coached apprentice and staff writers for a non-profit, managed book launch and online course development for a bestselling author, and she moderates the My 500 Words Facebook group.
She is the author of The Step-by-Step Guides for Growing Writers and the forthcoming Jennifer Hughes thriller series under the pen name CM Niles. Her fiction isn't for everyone. If you are offended by bad words and want the world to be populated with unicorns, she wishes you well. But if you don't mind slipping down into the dark parts of humanity for a few hours at a time, her stories might just be perfect for you.
When she's not writing, she loves to travel around the world, always finding great hiding places for bodies whether she's in the city or the wilderness.

Follow Christine online:
Tools, tips, and tricks for growing writers: riverofthoughts.com
Edgy fiction: nileswriter.com