Sunday, 29 May 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 29 May 2016

I stare at my computer screen and think, half the year is gone. Poof! Just like that. It isn't fun to realise that the novel I should have published in the next two weeks, isn't finished yet (editing still in process). With the deadline for the second book looming, I really need a kick in the pants.
While it doesn't count as a valid excuse, I have been reading the next book on my review list - with a pen and a notebook. Usually, I make a few notes as I read, about the characters and the story, but this one is in a different class altogether.
taking notes, notebook and pen
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Not that I don't enjoy the story, but taking notes is essential for this book. You will see why very soon since the due date for my review is the 6th. Then it is the last book on my present list. I think I shouldn't take on any more to read for review until the two books on my to-publish list are ready for the professional editors.
Spent some time today doing the outline for my next art project - sunflowers in pastel. I suppose I could have spent the time editing, but after a good lunch with the in-laws sitting down would only have resulted in a nap. At least, the time drawing I spent standing upright with a white pencil and a dark blue A2 size paper stuck to the board on my easel.
There is a public holiday coming soon that I can spend getting started on the drawing. I will share as soon as it starts to look like something worth looking at.
My first blog serial has now finished, and you can look out for the next one coming in about the middle of June. It is slightly delayed due to my review commitments. The cover and synopsis are already uploaded on Wattpad if you want to take a peek.
With a busy week lying ahead for me, I wish you well, until next time!