Monday, 27 June 2016


The Billionaire Baritone, blog serial, Linzé Brandon, sweet romance

Amethyst loves music and enjoys hip-hop dancing to spice up her dull and dreary life. But one evening on her way home from dance class, she hears a voice that drew her away from her route.
Caught in the act of eavesdropping, her life is about to change in a way she has never foreseen.

David didn't quite know what to do with the beautiful trespasser, but when he learned that she was injured, taking care of her was the only solution.
Little did he suspect that she was about to take care of his lonely heart in return.


The older woman came closer and put her arm around my shoulders. “Come, let's have a look at you. I have to apologise for my son, he usually has much better manners.”
The woman took my pack and handed it to the guard, all the while talking as she manipulated my limbs to move. I cried out again, I couldn't help it.
“Stop,” David said. ”You are hurt.”
I nodded battling tears now. I hated crying. “My ankle,” I managed.
“Hold on,” was all he said before I could figure out what he was talking about. The next moment a squeal escaped me as he lifted me into his arms. My arms went around his neck in an instant.
This close to him, I clenched my teeth not to gasp out loud. I might be a lowly clerk in a retail warehouse who danced to escape the mundane routine of my daily life, but I knew who was now carrying me: David Morecroft III. Billionaire businessman and thrice voted the hottest bachelor this side of the equator.
Always having prided myself on being level headed, it was hard not to act like some starry-eyed schoolgirl with her first crush. This guy was gorgeous. What was not to like? Midnight black hair with heavy brows and high cheekbones, giving him a hawk-like appearance. I recall the tabloids calling his eyes, golden orbs of passion, but this close they were a dark honey colour. His lips were definitely as kissable as they said.
Another breath reminded me that his aftershave didn't come from a department store. It was the kind of scent that I wanted to roll naked in. I wanted it all over my skin because it reminded me of being a woman. Not a feeling I get to experience often.
When he stepped inside the house, the bright lights blinded my eyes for a moment. Once I could see again, I remembered why I should have insisted on leaving. There was art on the walls, and I was not taking any bets on them being prints.
He carried me to some kind of couch thing and gently put me down. Despite the soft cushion my butt protested, but I managed, this time, to keep the pain to myself. This whole situation was embarrassing enough without me having to explain about a bruised ass.
“What is your name?” his mother asked.
“Amethyst Calder.”
The older woman smiled at her son who was watching me with a really funny expression on his face. Did he think I was going to steal from him? Hmpf, the world might consider him the catch of the century, but he clearly had people issues.
“I am Phyllis Morecroft, and this is my eldest son, David.”
Another man came into the room and laughed softly. “So this is the intruder you caught. Scary little thing, isn't she?”
Phyllis shook her head. “This is my youngest son, Jefferson.”
“Jeff,” he replied he approached and held out his hand.
Before she could explain, David grabbed his brother's hand. “She is injured, Jeff.”
He looked over his shoulder. “Where are the paramedics?”
The security guard pushed a button on his earpiece and listened for a few seconds. “On their way, sir. ETA 2 minutes.”
Could this get any worse? I swallowed. How could I possibly explain about not having any money when I was surrounded by people who didn't know what it was to be poor?
The door opened, and two paramedics entered holding their kits in one hand and a stretcher in the other.
I held up my hand. “No, please.”
David came closer and put his hand on my leg, above my ankle. “Are you afraid?”
I frowned. “Of course not. It's just that...,” I pressed my lips closed.
Phyllis stepped up. “Everyone out. Come on, boys there is a lady that needs attention.”
Without a word, the two men left me with their mother and the two paramedics.
Phyllis held my uninjured hand as they prodded my bruised body.
“Okay, miss you are going to have to take a ride with us. We need to get X-rays on your ankle and hand to make sure you don't have any broken bones.”
“But,” I wanted to protest.
Phyllis cut me off. “Excellent idea, you cannot be too careful when it comes to hands and feet.”
I know she meant well.
I pulled her closer. “I cannot afford it. Please, I just want to go home. I will be okay.”
She waved her other hand and motioned to the paramedics to put me on the stretcher.
“Let's not worry about that. You need to get well first.”
I couldn't help the groan when they lifted me onto the stretcher, covered me in a blanket and strapped me in from shoulders to ankles.
“What's wrong?”
“Fell on my butt,” I whispered. It was hard keeping the tears at bay. How am I going to pay for all this?
To my utmost surprise, Phyllis went with me into the ambulance, still holding my good hand.
“Why are you doing this?”
She smiled and patted our hands. “Because you need help. Stop stressing so much, everything will be okay.”

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