Sunday, 19 June 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 19 June 2016

Linzé’s Mischief, a public journal by Linzé Brandon, online journal, Belgian shepherd dog holding paper

Indulging in editing snacks has paid off! Okay, not the snacks because those chocolate chip cookies are way too decadent for my waistline. While I had my fair share of the chocolate decadence mentioned, I also did the work: editing. Negotiating the Maze, my first non-fiction book, is now with the editor in charge of making my words look good.
Even the cover design made the deadline before the manuscript. I am so bad...where is my cookie!
Linzé Brandon, Negotiating the Maze, non-fiction book about a writer's life, book cover graphic

And yet cookie indulgence notwithstanding, I am now back to the weight I was before my mother passed away. I never thought myself to be a comfort eater (more of a keeping my mouth busy while my hands are typing or holding a book, kind of eater) but it would appear that under some circumstances I do comfort eat.
But I dropped the 5kgs again, and now I am looking forward. I won't say to the next weighing, but yeah, I am a work in progress. July is going to be a real challenge with Camp NaNoWriMo coming up again, and snacking forming such an essential component of my writing. But I can, and I will make the target - word count and weight.

In celebration of the completion of my book (professional editing feedback notwithstanding) and meeting the first target of my weight-loss, I will be indulging in creating some art in the coming weekend. I might even make it an art week since my focus in July will be on writing the first book of a new mystery series, Open the Door to Murder.
I am still committed towards my 2016 resolution of doing more art, in practical terms that means one weekend each month, but writing remains my first choice.

The coming week will my third week using the Bullet Journal technique to help me plan my days. So far so good. To be honest I think the technique has helped me to finish the editing of Negotiating the Maze, a task I really don't like. But I got it done. I am hopeful that future editing projects (and that future starts this coming week for editing of Waiting for Adrian) will also be more productive as a result of using a Bullet Journal.

And so I wish you a productive week, my friends. Stay away from the cookies...they are mine! 😈

PS: There is another book review up tomorrow. If you like contemporary/romantic literature, you might like this book. Cheers!