Sunday, 11 September 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 11 September 2016

I am losing it...with a smile.

This year has been nothing but roller coaster ride - up and down, up and down. The same can be said of my attempt at losing weight. With every down turn of events in my life, the invariable up occurred in my body mass. This year I have been more aware of this trend and tried hard not to get bogged down into comfort eating when things are not going well. My stress levels are stable, but still high, and that makes it more challenging to look after my health.
Yeah, that is the crux of the whole matter, my health. I have lost 7kg so far. Not much considering the road I still have ahead, but I feel more confident in the way I am tackling this problem. On the one hand it is easier than I thought, but still more challenging too.

I made an assessment of my eating habits and came to the following conclusions:

  1. My meals are healthy - breakfast is muesli and soya yoghurt (I vary it with a whole grain cereal a few times a week), lunch is a banting kind of meal (no starch) and dinner usually is chicken (sometimes meat) with veggies or a salad. If necessary I will sweeten breakfast with xylitol (I have grown to dislike the taste of sugar)
  2. My official snacks are healthy too - around mid-morning I have fruit, and late afternoon another fruit or a second tub of the soy yoghurt.
Note: Because of my milk allergy, I use rice milk to thin the thick soy yoghurt. I find the rice milk powder quite tasty and have come to prefer the powdered product to the pre-mixed rice milk version also available.

This left me with the unofficial snacking that I am often guilty of. I love chocolate, but because of the milk, my choices are very limited. I also tended to use this as an excuse to indulge in buying more chocolate bars than I should. I stopped doing this. Sure, I still have about one chocolate bar a week, but it is better than the quantity I consumed before I decided to lose weight.

Despite my chocolate craving, I don't much of a craving for other kinds of candy. If I have a dessert, it will also be chocolate/cocoa based.

Things I am avoiding as far as possible (mostly because of my blood sugar) but it helps with the lifestyle change too:

  • white rice (in a restaurant I will have a salad, at home I will eat brown rice),
  • potatoes (chips, fries - they are not just bad because of the starch but also the amount of salt; I will eat mashed potatoes but not more than once a week)
  • bread (will eat rye or low GI - for lunch only)
  • pap (a local corn-based starch usually served with a tomato based salsa)
  • I will eat a pasta based dish once a week (love that Italian starch way too much to give it up)
  • takeaways are out, unless there is some crisis at home - we might have pizza once a month, but mine has to have a lot of protein to limit the effects of the starchy base on my blood sugar. I am still looking at banting style pizzas with a suspicious eye.
Linzé's Vivofit monitor
I don't have time to go to the gym (and really don't like it anyway) but walk between 5 and 7 km each day at work - this includes climbing stairs. Weekends can be more or less depending on what we have going on.

This biggest change I have made is to stop snacking after dinner. Personally I think it has been the primary reason I am actually losing weight. After dinner I am not so active, since that is the time I am writing. If I get a craving for something, I have coffee, tea or a glass of fruit juice. If my blood sugar drops, I would normally eat something to help, but not after dinner. 

I use a low GI powder (sold as part of some fancy diet plan) and mix it with the rice milk to stabilise my blood sugar. Of course it still has calories, but that cannot be helped. Fortunately, it is not a daily problem. I keep this same powder mix at work, just in case. Some days involve a lot of running around, or stressful meetings that can drain my body's resources faster than usual.
I keep a handful of candies at home and at work, but only if it is an emergency. I have been on that scary edge of passing out, so I know when to eat them instead of drinking the diet mix.
Linzé Brandon

It may not be the best 'diet' but it is working for me and my lifestyle. Please note that my GP is monitoring my blood pressure medication combined with my weight loss. The plan is to go off the meds completely as soon as possible, but I still have some way to go before that will happen.

If you are struggling to lose weight, you are not alone on your journey.

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