Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Follow Me: Travelling from South Africa to Scotland

3 April 2018 @ 19h29 (SA time)
The time has come! At the airport In Johannesburg, taking a breather in the Slow Lounge. Long queues, lots of people rushing because they are almost too late for their flights. When will they learn? Okay, enough whining.
There was a bout of rain on our way to the airport (thanks, Pa Piet for dropping us) and according to my weather app, it is still pouring outside. Fun and games ahead during take-off if this storm continues.
I took a picture of Francois (he returned the favour) and you can see it at the Instagram link below.
Our next stop is Heathrow in thirteen hours, give or take. More pictures and words from a creative traveller then.

4 April 2018 @ 21h16 (UK time) Planes,trains and automobiles. Things that made our world very small, and yet creates all kinds of havoc when one travels to another country. Our plane was really noisy (I measured it to 85.5dB with an app on my phone) and even Francois remarked that the new A380 from Airbus, is a much quiter experience. Since I have yet to fly with an A380, I have to his word for it.
The train from King's Cross station to Edinburgh, while noisy, was a much easier and relaxing experience at only 79dB. While the difference may seem small, for my non-technical friends,  for every 3dB increase in noise level measured you have to double the noise produced. It is not an insignificant amount of noise when you understand what it means.
Aside from a problem with our train reservations, costing us an irrecoverable $40, the gentleman at the Virgin ticket office was quick to sort out our tickets, but the $40 we spent online, could not be fixed. Oh well, it was not that we like wasting money, but I suppose it could have been worse,
With snow, and sleet, drenching us to the bone (I mean who takes a brollie on an overseas holiday anyway?) it was a long and stressful drive for Francois through a city we have never been to before, and in such horrible conditions too. No wonder he is already fast asleep @ 9pm tonight.
Although the weather prediction is for sunny skies tomorrow (with the day temperature double of what it was today--a whole 6 deg C!, it is no wonder Francois calls the prediction of 12 deg C for Friday, a heatwave. LOL!), we have no definite plans, other than to play it by ear. Or is it by sunny skies?

Anyway, thank you for reading and don't forget to watch the pictures and video's of our shenanigans in Scotland on @ Instagram

When we see each other again, there will be more from Edinburgh!

Until then,
💜 Linzé