Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pen, Paper and Stamps

When was the last time you penned a letter? A real, honest pen-to-paper letter. Stuck it in an envelope, added a stamp and mailed it to someone. For me it has been years. Literally. Until February came around in the form of A Month of Letters. How I came across the blog, I cannot remember, but I do remember the thrill of opening those first letters.

I registered late, and only in time to be going away for work, and to places with no internet access. But once I was back, I was like a kid with a new toy when those first letters appeared in my mailbox. Of course, I planned to write to my fellow contributors, but they were too fast for me. I had fun replying to the ones I did receive, and then penned a few more of my own.

The biggest problem I had - finding greeting cards to write on. And after a week of shopping still didn't find any. People simply do not write any more. Even postcards seemed to have been relegated to the malls at the airports. So paper and envelope it was.

I love my email, and do get many each day, but the letters (even from strangers) has a little something extra that just make them special. It was sent to me. Written specially for me. So go on, dust off that pen, dig out some paper and write someone a letter today. Who knows, you might make some new friends - just like I did.