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Guest post: Telling a story by Lenard Hale

THE DEMON'S CRYSTAL is Lenard Hale's thrilling first novel - Amazon

One of the most obvious questions I get to hear from people is that, “What inspired you to write this book?” Many years back I had dreamt of telling stories. I used to refer blogs about writers, their novels, their experiences. And in one such blog there was a question. “Why you want to write a novel?” There were several radio buttons with options like, ‘You wanna get rich by writing? You want to earn living out of writing? It’s your passion of writing? You want to get some fame by becoming an author? And few other options. I still remember that I was in my 10thgrade at that time but I knew my best answer from those options, and it was; “You have a story to tell”. Yes, I had and I wished if it really was something people would enjoy, why not write a novel and show them the power of a sci-fi imagination. That’s where the idea started floating in.
The Demon’s Crystal, a thrilling adventure is a story I felt takes the readers to a next level of adventure, to a next level that we see in movies, ha ha. Well, one of my editors had commented on my writing style and said that it is very cinematic, and which she felt great to enjoy. Being a plot-driven story, it is something that definitely makes you think, ‘so what happens next?’ I think readers would love to read it. One of the readers even said in a review that because of the antagonist, the story gets more exciting. And I think I am good in creating good and powerful antagonists and villains. Apart from that, to be honest, sometimes it could make readers think about some particular aspects in the story, but they are all connected, which you will only get to realize when you reach the end. Even after the end of first novel there are several secrets, I would say exciting secrets, which would get further revealed in the sequel and keep the readers hooked. 
So, yeah, The Demon’s Crystal would give you a thrilling experience with elements of Sci-Fi and Fantasy to enjoy with. And there’s much more to come 😉

About the Author
Puru J (writing as Lenard Hale) is a core IT guy for his day job, but he’s always been happier writing stories than writing code. Writing a novel has been on his bucket list for years; completing The Demon’s Crystal, a sci-f adventure, is that dream becoming a reality. When not absorbed in weaving new stories, Puru J can be found enjoying music, traveling to new locales, riding his bike, and spending too much time in front of his computer. 
Puru J chose to write under a pen name because he has frequently heard that a good sci-f can only be written by westerners. Though he hails from the land of Bollywood, Puru J has always had a deep love for Hollywood, as he grew up watching western films. Over time, and even though he loves India very much, his desire grew to write his own sci-f adventure story starring western protagonists and their culture. Despite westerners dominating the genre, and those around him doubting his passions for western stories, he didn’t let the naysayers stop him. He hopes readers won’t be deterred by his Indian heritage, and simply enjoy the story he wrote solely to entertain others—and not just westerners, but anyone in the world who enjoys a fun sci-fi adventure. 

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Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Guest Post: Dreams by Francine Beaton

4th book in the series
When I was younger (much younger), I wanted to be a school teacher. That’s it. Nothing else. When I left school I got a bursary to pay for my studies, but I couldn’t take it. My mother had to make a choice. She was a single parent. Either my brother or I could study and as it was the norm at the time, the man was considered to be the breadwinner so it was decided that he should study. In the end, neither of us went to university, as I turned down my bursary and got a job at the Department of Education as a clerk. Two weeks later my brother was drafted into the army.
I could’ve argued that it wasn’t fair. I got the bursary, he hadn’t. My mother only had to pay for my books and transport but I knew it wouldn’t help. It was the mindset in South Africa in the early eighties so I just had to abide by it. 
I could’ve sulked–okay, I did and some days I still do but then, how would my life had turned out? Would I ever have achieved what I did if I became a teacher as I dreamed? I don’t think so.
In a way I had achieved my goal when I became a lecturer in my early thirties. I gave software- and secretarial training to adults at a private college in Pretoria. I loved it but I was good at it so I got headhunted to work for an international organisation in Cape Town. I gave training and used my organisational skills to organise new offices in various government departments. 
I achieved my dream to become a teacher. It took longer and a roundabout way–for those living in South Africa and understand Afrikaans, you will understand the expression “I made ’n Kaapse draai”. Literally it means you take a Cape turn but figuratively speaking it means I took the long road to achieve my dream.
Dreams. Goals. Hope. This is what my newest release, Playing by the Rules,is all about. 
Ulrich Fölscher wants to play rugby for the Buffaloes and the Springboks and eventually become the best chef in town. In that order. There is no place for romance in his life. Obeying Coach Brady’s command to stay away from his daughter is easy, until he meets Samantha. She is everything he needs–warm, bubbly–and possibly, the missing ingredient he lacks to spice up his life.
Sammy is a professional athlete and she too knows the rules. But it is hard to resist Ulrich’s quiet strength, focused determination and, most of all, his delectable kisses.
Both know how to fight for what they want. But as their desire for each other intensifies, so does the pressure to make a choice. Can Ulrich and Sammy continue to play by the rules or risk it all for love?
Sammy learned that love is to make sacrifices to give the one you loved the opportunity to fulfil their dreams. But was it enough? What if Ulrich never gets his opportunity? When do you decide that you worked hard but never seem to reach your dream?
I’ve recently watched a movie on Netflix called Brampton’s Ownabout a baseball player who dreamed of being drafted into the bigger league. For 12 years he tried, waiting for the drafts but each year he missed it. When he turned thirty he thought it was time to give up. Then he got the call only to be disappointed again. What did he do? Gave up? No, when the new season starts, he was there, trying again.
The story made me realise that if you want something bad enough, you will carry on, no matter what. 
Sometimes you have to break your dream down in small chunks and take it one step at a time. Sometimes it may feel if you take one step forward and three steps back and that’s okay, as long as you take another step forward. And then another. That’s what it is all about. Don’t give up on your dreams.

About the Author
Romance author Francine Beaton published her first romance novel—a contemporary sports romance called EYE ON THE BALL—in April 2018 after she wrote her first novel in July 2016. Her latest novel, PLAYING BY THE RULES, will be the fourth in her PLAYING FOR GLORY SERIES and her twelfth novel. Francine calls Pretoria home until the travel bug bites again. She loves travelling to faraway places and considers Scotland her second home. When she’s not reading or writing about love and Happily Ever After, she’s most likely busy painting or taking photos of everything that catches her eye. During rugby season, you’ll either find her next to the pitch or in front of the television, following her favourite teams. It’s probably easy to figure out why her debut novel, Eye on the Ball, and the series,Playing for Glory, has rugby as a theme.

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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Book Feature: DO NO HARM by Christoph Fischer, et al

DO NO HARM is an extraordinary, limited collection of medical thrillers written by USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling authors. You can order it now for .99!
Do you crave reading books with nail-biting suspense, twisted plots and great characters who get caught up in whirlwinds of crime, deception and lies? Do you love sitting on the edge of your seat, wondering who will survive…and who won’t?
background 1 vvFrom the mountains of West Virginia, to acute care hospitals, the battlefields of the Middle East and the hallowed halls of our educational system, join us for these incredible stories of healthcare gone wrong.
If you like Robin Cook, David Baldacci and Patricia Cornwell, this collection is for you! Do No Harm is a binge-readers dream – 14 medical thriller books in one! And you can only get this collection of books from this group of authors here!
Grab your copy today and find a comfortable chair!
The tired, small hatchback hit a rock next to the edge of the road and came to an unexpected and abrupt stop. Erica had not seen the bulky thing hidden underneath the uncut grass. She switched off the engine and got out. There seemed no significant damage to her old banger but she couldn’t care less right now, to be honest, and decided she would leave it parked here anyway. She must be close.
Quite frankly, she considered herself lucky to have made it this far; the roads had been bumpy and her car was in a dire condition, too. It wouldn’t be much longer before it would have to be scrapped. Living in London she rarely needed it and had often been tempted to sell it anyway.
This was deepest Wales, the countryside - something that the Londoner in her had not seen for years and certainly hadn’t missed. Poor phone reception, miles to the nearest supermarket with its supplies of cigarettes and bubbly: that’s what the countryside meant to her.
She guessed the car was sufficiently off the road and out of the way. Who would come here, anyway? It was unlikely that two cars would find this remote corner of Wales at the same time, she reckoned. Erica looked around: not a living soul in sight, no houses or vehicles; she was totally off the beaten track. She could see no significant landmarks; all views were blocked by large trees and hedges. It was drizzling a little and although it was past lunchtime, there was mist that reminded her of early mornings. The wind had made the spring temperatures drop more than she had anticipated and she was chilly in her inadequate city clothing.
She searched her purse for the map, which her assistant Hilda had drawn for her. It seemed as if she was in the right place; there was the small path at the foot of the hill, and the two opposing gates leading to fields with horses and sheep. Since leaving her nearby B&B, all the road junctions she had come to had been easy to recognise and here was the little shoulder by the side of the road, where Hilda had recommended she should park the car.
She assured herself once more that it was the right path and then she psyched herself up for the walk up the steep hill. The tricky part, Hilda had explained, was finding the hidden gate, which would lead her to the man himself. However, Hilda didn’t have pancreatic cancer and was not recovering from a course of chemo and so she had no idea how difficult it would be for Erica to walk up that hill. It seemed by no means the easy climb her assistant had called it. For all her recent goodness, that woman could drive her mad.
Erica looked at herself in the outside mirror of her car before getting ready to face the man. Her hair had not fallen out from the chemo but it had turned grey and made her look much older than she was. There were still crow’s feet and wrinkles despite being facially bloated – it really wasn’t fair; the worst of both worlds. People used to think of Erica as at least five years younger than she actually was, but now people thought she was five years older. Overnight it seemed, she had aged from 40 to 50 but given her current situation she would be lucky to reach 45. Additionally, she had lost a lot of weight, despite the effect that the steroids had had on her. With her mere 5’ 4’’ frame, she looked tiny and felt thin and weak.
Only this man might be able to improve her chances and she desperately hoped the trip here would be worth it. If the man really was who Hilda thought, there was a slight chance for her. If she could make him speak to her, then she was sure she could persuade him to help - if he still possessed those powers. There suddenly seemed a lot of ifs.
She locked the car and began the climb up the tree-covered hill. Her trainers slid on the moist moss, her jeans too tight for some of the big steps she had to take. There was only a tiny trodden path, which seemed easy to lose sight of, curving its way upwardly through the trees. She was glad she had the map. Hilda deserved an award for organising this; if Erica ever made it back to her position at work she would make sure to find a way of compensating her, if she had anything left after she had paid the man.
Her assistant had come here a few days ago and had scouted the place out in the manner of a gifted detective. Hilda had been an angel the last few months with an uncalled for loyalty and devotion which Erica felt she didn’t deserve.

Author: Christoph Fischer

BOOK RELEASE: SOLANGE an ebook by Linzé

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