Sunday, 28 July 2019

#CampNaNoWriMoWinner, tiny blog tweets, and a free book

Life can be tough in the boat of contemplation. It is where I am right now, after finishing Camp NaNo that is. The book, The Last Gryphon, still has 4 pages left to edit, but that is on my schedule for this coming week. After many years of attempting to revise (or edit) during a pressure month like Camp NaNo, I finally managed it. Rather proud of myself, I have to say.

Text of Twitter posts, #TheTinyBroom tweets, tiny blog posts

In a recent newsletter from Buffer (a social media scheduler that I use) they mention tiny blog posts now trending on Twitter. I am not sure about the trending part, but decided to give it a go. So be on the lookout for #TheTinyBroom tweeting twice a week @LinzeBrandon.
The Big Broom (this blog 😉) with continue the good work as per usual, so no need to replace the old broom in the closet. At least not yet.

The Last Gryphon is scheduled for publication in September, but if you want a taste in the meantime, Part 1 of the story, Galen's Hope, is already available in the Journey anthologyJourney is still free until the 31st, so grab yourself a copy and get to know Galen and Richard on the start of their quest to fulfil their queen's final wish.

Until next time!
💜 Linzé

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