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A to Z Challenge: Day 9 - I

Inktober52 - a 52 week challenge for sketchers and artists alikeThe challenge runs on Instagram and if you follow the #Inktober52you will see the amazing things people are drawing for the same prompt.

For me this has been a terrific experience to practice my ink drawing skills every week. I have managed to keep up with the challenge - get the prompt on Thursday, and post to my Instagrambefore the next Thursday. Sometimes it was tough, but I am committed to do this challenge for the whole 52 weeks.

Until tomorrow!
💜 Linzé

💟PS: Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I am still having difficulties replying but will keep on working to try and figure out how to fix it.

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A to Z Challenge: Day 8 - H

Holistic Health and Covid-19 by Vanessa WrightThanks to Linze Brandon, who allows me to place my ramblings on her blog. The world has changed. We are living in uncertain times while we watch the number of infections rise daily. I look around me and people are afraid of human touch, they jump at the sound of someone sneezing or coughing. It is now, more than ever before, extremely important to be aware of changes in mental health and overall well-being. Our current lockdown and self-isolation prompted me to make an art journal entry. My anxiety has been through the roof lately as I battle to make sense of a changing environment and the adaptation of a new way of living. Art has been a welcome relief amidst the turmoil. I wanted to address a holistic way of approaching the subject of mental health. I am bipolar and need to keep an even keel as much as possible. Please look out for the following signs during isolation: Extreme fear and worry about your own health. Fear of leaving the securit…

A to Z Challenge: Day 7 - G

Green by LinzéInktober52 had it first colour prompt last week (due this week). I have been drawing several nature related prompts, so this time I went abstract with my drawing.
I bought a book about the medieval practice of decorating books and used that as inspiration to tackle this prompt. When I was done I noticed there was a second G in the background. Just goes to show you that sometimes the creative process can produce surprises too! 😁😁

A to Z Challenge: Day 6 - F

FUN in art by LinzéAs I am writing this post I am watching a video clip (part of an art course I have been doing) about discipline in practicing creative activities.  Although I have art as a goal for this year, I make a point of it to do fun things too. Art projects can sometimes take many hours and often it can be tough to get those finished. I prefer dry mediums like colour pencils, which is one of those that do take hours and often days to finish a drawing.

Now the fun things can be just as satisfying. I dug out my Caran D'Ache NeoColor II crayons a while ago and just played without thinking about anything except being colourful.
NeoColor II crayons can be activated with water and that is what I played with these four art cards from Hahnemühle that I bought last year.

A to Z Challenge: Day 5 - E

Edinburgh Station by LinzéI painted the train station of one of the most memorable places I have been to - Edinburgh in Scotland. It is a gouache painting on gouache paper.

A to Z Challenge: Day 4 - D

D is for Dinner by LinzéAnother one of my drawings from the #Inktober52 challenge. Dinner. Ha, I chose to draw the food chain of my favourite predatory bird, the African fish eagle. Enjoy!

What to see what the rest of the artists are drawing? They are all on Instagram just use the #inktober52 and let you eyes feast on some amazing art work.

Until Monday!
💜💜 Stay safe!

A-to-Z Challenge: Day 3 - C

Covid-19 Lockdown by Linzé BrandonThis is not a post to tell you what to do or what to avoid. Nope, this is a post to tell you what I have been doing (and plan to do) during this period where we are in #LockdownSA. South Africa went into a nationwide lockdown at midnight on 26 March. Even though I work from home most of the time, I do need the equipment of a test facility to do my work. But on the Monday preceding the lockdown, the lab management decided to close down business until the official lockdown period is over. While I still work a few hours every day, I have also started to focus more on my art projects. So far I have done 11 small gouache paintings, four art journal entries (mostly mixed media) and completed at least one #inktober52 ink drawing. I have done an online sketchbook workshop and am busy reading a non-fiction book. This may sound like a lot but remember I am home 24/7. My husband is also working from home for at least four hours every day and we cannot go out as we…