Sunday, 31 March 2019

April's Bibliophile - the A-to-Z Blog Challenge is here!

For the A to Z Blog challenge this April, my blog theme will be words - words from other authors, words from bloggers, books from other authors, words from a dictionary, and a word or two from me, Linzé, your host on the Broomstick.
The posts are up every day except on Sundays because on Sundays I will tell you what is happening in the week ahead. The posts will be short, but don't let that stop you from jumping into the conversation with the author. If it is a book post, why not share a link to your review? I know the author would appreciate it.
My newsletter, Grains of Sand, will make its usual appearance on the second Monday. In April's edition, there is info on a free ebook for everyone that joins up to receive the monthly grains of creative wisdom that I like to share. The voucher will be in the May newsletter.
#AtoZChallenge on the Broomstick: week 1
Here is schedule for the week ahead, and remember to sign up for my newsletter - it is concise, and will darken your inbox only once a month, I promise.
Until tomorrow!
💜 Linzé

Monday, 4 March 2019

A-2-Z blog challenge is 10 years old!

The A-2-Z blog challenge is celebrating its 10th year in April, and I would like you to join me by featuring your book, a new release, a guest post, or other book related event.

Due to the high traffic expected in April, I am revising the rules slightly:
For book features: Book cover and buy links only (pre-orders included)
For guest posts: The article (500 words max), your author picture, and your website link
For events: A graphic advertising the event with all information provided. A URL will be allowed to the website for readers to click for more information

Bookings are done on a first come, first serve basis, and the date of your post is not selectable, so be sure to get your details to me super quick!

Send the relevant information to the address below BEFORE 29 March 2019.

Let April be the month to surpass all your expectations!
Hope to hear from you very soon!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Pre-order and Cover reveal: REFLECT. GROW. BECOME by Linzé Brandon

Pre-order on: SMASHWORDS

Keeping a journal is a personal experience, and yet many people are reluctant to start or quick to give up the practice for various reasons.

This book is a personal reflection on the history of the author's experience of more than thirty years of journaling. But it is also an exploration of some new techniques that young or aspiring journal writers may be unfamiliar with. Exploring the various techniques will give new insight on how methods, other than writing, can assist in a journey of personal reflection and growth.

The contents is broken down into six sections:
1. Background and history of journaling;
2. Creative journaling;
3. Journal writing and mindfulness in the NOW focused journal;
4. Reflecting on the past, and the future in the FUTURE/PAST journal;
5. Other kinds of journals not reflective in themselves, but which can be used in combination with the reflective styles; and
6. Practical guidelines on using both handwritten and electronic journals.

The various techniques are explained, and exercises are given at the end of each section for the reader's own reflection and experience.
Links and references are provided for further reading.

Pre-order link: SMASHWORDS

PS: Subscribers to my newsletter will receive a discount voucher in the next newsletter out on 11 March 2019.

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