Thursday, 26 July 2012

Author Interviews...Loads of Fun!

There are just five more days in July, and five more days that I will be hosting an interview with Michael Lorde, an author I met online in a Facebook writer's group. Initially I was a bit sceptical (sorry, Michael :-)) about the concept of interviews of other authors on my blog. Now I have been converted.

And its not some lightning strike from above that changed my mind, quite the contrary. Pure human nature, happened.

Another online friend - and his interview is already scheduled for September - suggested that I interview a best selling woman writer of thrillers. It gave me the opportunity to ask questions that are not exactly the usual - tell-me-about-your-book type questions. And besides being kind enough to answer my questions, her sense of humour made the interview worth reading again.

So why will I find more authors to interview on my blog? Because I get to ask funny and weird questions, and I get to meet plenty more people who love books, almost as much as I do, no doubt ;-)

Make a knot in your ear and visit my Interview with... segment in August - you might be pleasantly surprised.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Interrogation of Linzé Brandon - Part 3

(Concluding interview with Prime Suspect in the Case of the Novelist) 

Date 3.14.C
The detective sat back in her chair and planted her boots on the table.
"So how do you come up with your characters?"
I shrugged. "It is not always easy. Most of the time the story just pops into my head and the characters are born as part of the story. I cannot separate the plot from the people in the story, they are each the product of the other."
She planted her feet on the floor and stared at me. "Do you like boots?"
"I do. Why?"
Her lips quirked. "No reason."
"So what else to you like?"
"Aside from writing, of course, I love reading romance novels, and amateur sleuth murder mysteries."
"Your favourite authors?"
I pursed my lips. There were many, but she probably only wanted the shortlist. "Okay, Here goes. Gena Showalter, Maya Banks, Kerrelyn Sparks, Portia da Costa, Lynn Viehl, Christine Warren, Karen Marie Moning, Maggie Sefton, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank, Elizabeth Lynn Casey, Allyson James..."
"That's quite a mix," she interrupted.
"There are many more. I buy all their books and simply love their stories. What can I say?"
"Any other pursuits?"
"Aside from work, which does take up a lot of pleasure time, I paint abstracts, and I am busy learning Chinese brush painting. I looks so simple, but I still have a long way to go before I would consider myself proficient."
She pushed herself to her feet, and collected the tablet from the table. "You're a hopeless romantic." She paused in turning away. "It is probably one of the reasons that people like your book." She smirked and opened the door. "Get out and go write some more stories about people who fall in love."
I was a little surprised, okay, a lot surprised at the dismissal, but then Jessica Stone was not a character that was easily predictable.
"Goodbye, detective."
She waved a hand and disappeared.
All things considering I got off lightly, I was not about to throw that away. It took me a minute to leave the headquarters of the police of Sunn City.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Interrogation of Linzé Brandon - Part 2

(Continue interview with Prime Suspect in the Case of the Novelist) 

Date 3.14.B

“Was it Géra’s Gift?’
I had to smile. “Yes and no. My first stories could probably be considered novellas, but Géra’s Gift is definitely the first full length novel that I wrote.”
“He is a bit young for you, don’t you think? Sure he is gorgeous, smart and ...”
“Are you nuts? Géra Ville is a character in the book. Yes, he is young, but it is his story. I just wrote it.”
Jessica waved her hand. “And the title?”
I shrugged. “It changed a few times. The final title - Géra’s Gift - just felt right, so it stayed.”
She nodded. “So what is this gift?”
I waved a finger at her. “Oh no, not answering that.”
She arched an eyebrow, but did not reply to that. Instead she looked down at the tablet and then back to me. “What is a Grandmaster?”
I organised my thoughts for a few moments before replying. “The Grandmaster is the leader of the magician’s order. The book introduces the Nations of Peace to the reader. Each nation that has magicians and an order, has a Grandmaster that leads them. He or she is not a leader of the nation, for that they have presidents and kings like we do. You know, elected officials or successors to a throne by some predetermined bloodline or something.
The Grandmaster is usually a warrior magician, but not always. In one of the books in the series the Grandmaster is a scholar, not a warrior.”
The eyebrow again. “So there is a series?”
I nodded. “Yes. The series has five sub-series within it: The Grandmasters, The Dragon Masters, The Future Masters, The Strike Masters and The Council of High Lords. The next book, that I am busy doing final editing on, is the first of the Dragon Masters, its called Keeper of the Dragon Sword. And if all goes to plan, it will be released by the end of the year or very early next year.”
“The High Lords, why not some Masters thing again?”
I shrugged. “The High Lords don’t feel like Masters. They don’t need or become Masters like the other books. They are the High Lords, they are who they are. The High Lords also tend to lean more towards the erotica genre, although I wouldn’t call it that exactly.”
She consulted her tablet again. “So the sub-series do not follow one series at a time?”
“No, although it might have started that way, it didn’t turn out that way. The books each stand on its own two feet, but if you want to follow the story in the ‘bigger picture’ so to speak, you have to read them in the order that they are published.”
She looked thoughtful for a moment, then held up her arm showing me her AI screen. “Any more stories like mine?”
Now I laughed. “No, you are completely unique.”

(Interrogation to be concluded next week)

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Interrogation of Linzé Brandon - Part 1

Sunn City Police Headquarters: Interrogation Room #2
Date: 3.14.A MoonZone 1
Interviewer: Detective J Stone
Interviewee: Linzé Brandon               Status: Prime Suspect in the Case of the Novelist

I was escorted into the room and told to sit in the chair on the far side of the table. I sat, and watched the door close, leaving me alone. The room looked like they do on cop shows. Drab. Bare. One table. Two chairs. The mirror-like window flanking the wall facing me. I wondered who was on the other side scrutinizing me.
I have to confess that I was nervous. I have never been interviewed before, by the police no less.
The door opened again.
“I am Detective Jessica Stone,” she said, taking the chair opposite me.
The silver haired detective had startling blue eyes that seemed to miss nothing. She didn’t ask my name, and I didn’t offer it. My nerves didn’t quite settle down.
The blue screen in her left wrist flashed as she moved her hand. It was doubly disconcerting given the fact that this young woman was a character of my own making. I didn’t know what to make of her brusque manner. Did I create her like that? Then again, does one really know the characters that we create in the stories we write, the tales we weave?
She flipped a file on the tablet in front of her, then looked straight at me. Did I just squirm in my seat? Surely not. What did I have to hide?
“What the hell were you thinking?”
I blinked, and wet my dry mouth. “Excuse me?”
She pointed to the tablet on the table between us. It displayed a picture of the cover of my first novel, Géra’s Gift.
“You are an engineer and a project manager. What possessed you to think that you could write? And a romance novel no less?”
I wanted to remain serious, really I did. I was being interrogated after all. But I couldn’t help the pleasure that infused my expression. I could talk about my books and writing forever and a day.
“Why not?" I managed in a relatively normal sounding voice. "I have always loved books. I read them. Many of the ones I own I have read many times. I also collect first editions, when I can afford it, of course. Then someday I had an idea to try and write my own book.”

(Interview to be continued 8 July 2012)