Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Where to find Géra's Gift

Géra's Gift, the first book in the series of the Grandmasters, is now available at these websites:


or contact your local bookstore.

Back of Book:
T’ara knew that loving Géra would never be simple, but when his life’s ambition is within his grasp, she could not stand in the way of his dream.

Thrown together in battle for the very survival of their people, the young magicians quickly realised that they had been suffering for the choices they had been forced to make in the past.

But when T’ara willingly submitted to a ritual that could cost her her life, Géra knew that they had come to a crossroads. The problem they now faced was whether this sacrifice could gift them a future together or separate them forever?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Géra's Gift - for real!

I have not yet stopped smiling since I got my first copies of Géra's Gift this week. While it is not yet available to buy, it will be available as hard copy and e-book versions, from the publisher and Amazon.
It might take a while for the realization that I am now a published writer to sink in, but until then I am like a kid with a new toy.
I don't think the thrill is going to wear off very soon.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Butterflies or Broomsticks: The Discipline of Freelance Writing

Today it will be a broomstick. Since starting to do freelance writing, I have come to realise that writing takes a lot more discipline than I thought when starting out. Deadlines are the essence of freelance projects and sometimes it takes more out of me than I would care to admit. Since I do the writing part-time (yes, I do have a full-time job) sitting down in front of my computer after a hard day at work, is not always easy.
Aside from the deadlines that loom over my head, the subject matter can be either difficult to just be excited about, or takes a few hours of research to get the facts straight. And then I still have to write the required number of words for each article. The hardest is where the project requires many articles on the same subject, and then the creative juices tend to run a little thin after a while.
What I did learn, and really appreciate, is the discipline. Yes, I know, I am repeating myself here, but this time it is not a complaint. It takes practice to keep writing fit, and when a creative thought does enter my mind, it is not that difficult to sit down and do an outline or plot for a new story.
Practice makes perfect, and keeping to my target of 1000 words per day (in any month other than November) is not as hard any more.
So if you are freelance writing, or writing your own short stories (or novel) take the time and write your word target everyday. You will find that soon enough it is part of your routine and the discipline so deeply ingrained that the novel gets written much faster than you planned for.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Surprise Visitors

While having coffee with friends today, the coffee shop where we like to meet had three surprise visitors today. These three lions cubs, two males and a female, are just seven weeks old and they stole our hearts right away.

They came to the city to visit their vet and while their owners had breakfast, these cuties were quietly crawling into our hearts. Used to human touch they let us pet them, and didn't mind the camera flashes too much.

They had just fed are were lazy only like a well-fed cat can be. But they did play around a while and then cuddled up again to do what baby animals do - sleep. They are cute now, but soon they will become the predator that earned its fearsome reputation for a reason. Enjoy, we did!