Thursday, 5 April 2012

Butterfly or Broomstick: Internet Marketing

Whether it is a butterfly or broomstick remains to be seen. I have started an online internet marketing course, and have immediately found myself out of my depth. Of course, the lingo is familiar, and I know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing, having a quite a bit of that myself. What I do find difficult, or rather unfamiliar, is the actual marketing part. Not only was it interesting to learn how many South Africans do not have internet access from a computer, it was amazing to learn that our nation love our social media sites. This is mostly through the use of mobile phones, since everyone has one of those, it seems.

The latest attempt to make me feel quite ignorant - after no fault of the course itself, I assure you - was the homework assignment to create a website. Not only did I feel really stupid, having never even attempted this before, I only had to read the blogs to realise that my fellow student were struggling as well. And most of them are half my age!

After gathering courage, by all means I could, I registered on the prescribed website that allows free webpages to be hosted there, and tried my hand at creating a webpage of my own. And to my greatest joy, and not without the prerequisite amount of cursing, I got it designed, saved and published. And all that on my first attempt.

It is active but not yet complete, as I am still learning, but take a look - here - and watch my progress as I learn more about internet marketing.