Thursday, 26 July 2012

Author Interviews...Loads of Fun!

There are just five more days in July, and five more days that I will be hosting an interview with Michael Lorde, an author I met online in a Facebook writer's group. Initially I was a bit sceptical (sorry, Michael :-)) about the concept of interviews of other authors on my blog. Now I have been converted.

And its not some lightning strike from above that changed my mind, quite the contrary. Pure human nature, happened.

Another online friend - and his interview is already scheduled for September - suggested that I interview a best selling woman writer of thrillers. It gave me the opportunity to ask questions that are not exactly the usual - tell-me-about-your-book type questions. And besides being kind enough to answer my questions, her sense of humour made the interview worth reading again.

So why will I find more authors to interview on my blog? Because I get to ask funny and weird questions, and I get to meet plenty more people who love books, almost as much as I do, no doubt ;-)

Make a knot in your ear and visit my Interview with... segment in August - you might be pleasantly surprised.