Sunday, 1 July 2012

Interrogation of Linzé Brandon - Part 1

Sunn City Police Headquarters: Interrogation Room #2
Date: 3.14.A MoonZone 1
Interviewer: Detective J Stone
Interviewee: Linzé Brandon               Status: Prime Suspect in the Case of the Novelist

I was escorted into the room and told to sit in the chair on the far side of the table. I sat, and watched the door close, leaving me alone. The room looked like they do on cop shows. Drab. Bare. One table. Two chairs. The mirror-like window flanking the wall facing me. I wondered who was on the other side scrutinizing me.
I have to confess that I was nervous. I have never been interviewed before, by the police no less.
The door opened again.
“I am Detective Jessica Stone,” she said, taking the chair opposite me.
The silver haired detective had startling blue eyes that seemed to miss nothing. She didn’t ask my name, and I didn’t offer it. My nerves didn’t quite settle down.
The blue screen in her left wrist flashed as she moved her hand. It was doubly disconcerting given the fact that this young woman was a character of my own making. I didn’t know what to make of her brusque manner. Did I create her like that? Then again, does one really know the characters that we create in the stories we write, the tales we weave?
She flipped a file on the tablet in front of her, then looked straight at me. Did I just squirm in my seat? Surely not. What did I have to hide?
“What the hell were you thinking?”
I blinked, and wet my dry mouth. “Excuse me?”
She pointed to the tablet on the table between us. It displayed a picture of the cover of my first novel, Géra’s Gift.
“You are an engineer and a project manager. What possessed you to think that you could write? And a romance novel no less?”
I wanted to remain serious, really I did. I was being interrogated after all. But I couldn’t help the pleasure that infused my expression. I could talk about my books and writing forever and a day.
“Why not?" I managed in a relatively normal sounding voice. "I have always loved books. I read them. Many of the ones I own I have read many times. I also collect first editions, when I can afford it, of course. Then someday I had an idea to try and write my own book.”

(Interview to be continued 8 July 2012)