Saturday, 7 July 2012

Interrogation of Linzé Brandon - Part 2

(Continue interview with Prime Suspect in the Case of the Novelist) 

Date 3.14.B

“Was it Géra’s Gift?’
I had to smile. “Yes and no. My first stories could probably be considered novellas, but Géra’s Gift is definitely the first full length novel that I wrote.”
“He is a bit young for you, don’t you think? Sure he is gorgeous, smart and ...”
“Are you nuts? Géra Ville is a character in the book. Yes, he is young, but it is his story. I just wrote it.”
Jessica waved her hand. “And the title?”
I shrugged. “It changed a few times. The final title - Géra’s Gift - just felt right, so it stayed.”
She nodded. “So what is this gift?”
I waved a finger at her. “Oh no, not answering that.”
She arched an eyebrow, but did not reply to that. Instead she looked down at the tablet and then back to me. “What is a Grandmaster?”
I organised my thoughts for a few moments before replying. “The Grandmaster is the leader of the magician’s order. The book introduces the Nations of Peace to the reader. Each nation that has magicians and an order, has a Grandmaster that leads them. He or she is not a leader of the nation, for that they have presidents and kings like we do. You know, elected officials or successors to a throne by some predetermined bloodline or something.
The Grandmaster is usually a warrior magician, but not always. In one of the books in the series the Grandmaster is a scholar, not a warrior.”
The eyebrow again. “So there is a series?”
I nodded. “Yes. The series has five sub-series within it: The Grandmasters, The Dragon Masters, The Future Masters, The Strike Masters and The Council of High Lords. The next book, that I am busy doing final editing on, is the first of the Dragon Masters, its called Keeper of the Dragon Sword. And if all goes to plan, it will be released by the end of the year or very early next year.”
“The High Lords, why not some Masters thing again?”
I shrugged. “The High Lords don’t feel like Masters. They don’t need or become Masters like the other books. They are the High Lords, they are who they are. The High Lords also tend to lean more towards the erotica genre, although I wouldn’t call it that exactly.”
She consulted her tablet again. “So the sub-series do not follow one series at a time?”
“No, although it might have started that way, it didn’t turn out that way. The books each stand on its own two feet, but if you want to follow the story in the ‘bigger picture’ so to speak, you have to read them in the order that they are published.”
She looked thoughtful for a moment, then held up her arm showing me her AI screen. “Any more stories like mine?”
Now I laughed. “No, you are completely unique.”

(Interrogation to be concluded next week)