Monday, 6 August 2012

Hosting an Author on Blog Tour: Phil Jourdan

I am taking part in my first blog tour and I am excited to not only learn about an online tour, but enjoy reading a different kind of genre altogether. Join me on this journey this week.
I am reading The Praise of Motherhood, by Phil Jourdan - the book on the tour this week.

This is my first Memoir of this kind, and so far it is not what I had expected to find. Although I am still reading it, it is a book that I can only describe as an open and brutally honest retelling of a relationship that most of us find difficult to define on the best of days.

The author's relationship with his mother appears to be distant, but the feelings he relates when he hears about her illness and the way the family deals with explaining it to him and his sister, tells you that there is more to this relationship than what it appears to be.

Visit the website to take part in competitions to win prizes that include a copy of the book.

You are welcome to leave any comments here - about the book, the author or the tour.