Monday, 9 September 2013

Guest Feature: Stand out in the crowd with Book Trailers by Amanda Robins

You have spent hours pouring your energy into writing your master piece aka your book. Even more time and money was spent formatting, editing, proof reading and all those other little bits and pieces that needed to be done to get your book ready for the world to read.
Now you are ready to release your book into the market place but there is one problem. So are 1,000s of other authors on the exact same day as you. That’s right no matter what day you choose to publish your book there will be 1,000s of fellow authors doing the same thing resulting in over 15 million books just THIS YEAR!
Don’t be disheartened. There are ways very clever authors just like you use to stand out above the rest. One of these powerful ways is by creating a book trailer to give readers a sneak peek into your book.
Just take a look at the author and eBook groups on Facebook where people post their books to gain exposure. Each post has the book cover, blurb and a link to They all look the same. Now imagine how your book can stand out in the crowd with a book trailer.
As people scroll down the page they see your video and within less than a minute they have experienced your book the way you envisioned it.
Let’s not forget about the power of YouTube with 163 million unique visitors each day. Imagine the potential of getting in front of just 1% of all these visitors not to mention Google loves YouTube videos (they do own the site after all) and next thing you know you are at the top of Google search results as well.
A book trailer is also a fantastic tool for your Amazon Author Central page.
It is the little things that you do that will increase your book sales and your author success.
Book Trailers are an amazing tool that even the great Stephen King uses to promote his books.
These are just a handful of ways Book Trailers can be used to increase your book’s success. It is now time for you to become a smart book marketer and use your own book trailer to promote your master piece.
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Author Bio
Amanda Robins is the author of the International Best Selling Book “How To Turn On A Tired Housewife”. Amanda credits her book trailer to the quick success the book has had. She is now on a mission to help fellow authors create mesmerizing book trailers to boost them to the top of their field. For more information about Amanda and her book please visit