Saturday, 7 September 2013

Guest Photographer Francois Venter: Lesotho - The People

Lesotho is a land of contrasts in many forms. On the one side you have the farmlands where a man only wants to provide for his family and on the other side you have this vast wonder of technology. The Katse dam.
Most of the land in rural Lesotho is probably being utilised by sustenance farmers. Having said that you only really realise what that means when you start moving around the countryside. Most people are regarded as doing well when they have gumboots, a balaclava, a blanket, a donkey and a dog. If you have a horse and a few cattle, then you are wealthy. It was very interesting that there were no cats around. It is also clear that the dogs are just as “poor” as their owners. Most of them have shaggy coats, grave signs of inbreeding is visible, and in general they are totally under fed.
The contrasts in Lesotho are evident everywhere. These contrasts are sad, beautiful and inspiring - all at the same time.