Thursday, 12 September 2013

Guest Post: The Writing Life or Lack Thereof by Vanessa Wright

I woke up this morning to find that my muse had packed up and left the building. She seems to be doing this a lot lately and heaven only knows where she disappears to; only to come sauntering back with a healthy tan, an umbrella drink sporting psychedelic colours and a straw concoction on her head. She is a whimsical, elusive creature.
At times I think she would be happier and more forgiving if I travelled the world, sitting in dark corners, plying my talent. Alas my shoestring budget would be strung to non-existence and the bullion ship I have dreamt of my whole life would sink in the harbour.
Thus my solution remains to apply ample butt to chair and bleed words; at this stage even nonsensical ones would do. The litany of advice runs through my head: write what you know, write what you observe...just start writing damn it! There is nothing as daunting as a blank screen or a blank canvas for that matter.
The best advice I have ever received (thanks Jeff Goins) is to just write something on that empty screen, even if it is just CX&&*()*&%%$$%#5- it’s a start and no these aren’t swear words in ancient Gaelic. Eureka - the screen isn’t blank anymore and you have made a start to a magical story where people speak in symbols and chocolate rivers run through villages. Keep at it even if you never use the story again; it has transported you to that area of your brain where you paint with words...... and you have kicked the elusive muse to the kerb and told her in no uncertain terms to sit still and be quiet.
Happy writing one and all! Remember that arguing with your characters is only the beginning to a mad cap world filled with wonder.


46 year old visual artist and home body, suddenly decides to pick up her writing again and just couldn’t stop.
Vanessa has been published in two anthologies: My Kort vir Jou Sop and Write for Light.
She is currently in the process of self publishing a short story book called Twisted as well as putting the finishing chapters to a crime thriller called Artifacts.

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