Sunday, 1 September 2013

Guest Posts in September

September announces spring in my part of the world. While we are still caught in a cold spell, here are some articles that will warm up the insides almost as well as a good cup of coffee.

It is my pleasure to feature guest posts by authors, aspiring authors and photographers on my blog this month.
The first photographer is Francois Venter - and you can check out his first post on Lesotho here.

2 September : A Writer's Heart by CJ Peterson
7 September: Lesotho (part 2) by Francois Venter
9 September: Post by Amanda Robins
12 September: The Writing Life or Lack Thereof by Vanessa Wright
17 September: Writing vs Real Life by Rob McShane

There are still two spots open for a post on the life of a writer (19 and 23 September) . If these dates call to you, why don't you let me know by leaving a comment here, send me a message on Facebook, or a tweet on Twitter (no DMs please)

Are you photographer? There are two spots left for you too! (21 and 28 September). Tell us a story about a place you have been, or a particularly difficult scene that you have wanted to capture. Three to four pics with a bio should form part of your article.

Please bookmark this page or follow then you can see what authors are typically up to when they are writing, and the places photographers visit for that next perfect picture.