Thursday, 26 December 2013

A little Christmas Naughtiness!


"What are you doing?"
Sighing Accolade opened one eyelid and glared at the elf. "Go away, I am busy."
Sandi planted his hands on his hips. "You have to get ready. By the time the sun sets Santa will be ready to leave."
She filled and drained the glass once again. “Damn, I need a bigger glass.”
Shrugging, she laid her head back on the chair. It was too much trouble to go and get a bigger one. "Not going," she replied.
The elf sputtered,stuttered and coughed at the same time. 
Accolade canted her head. "Amazing," she said. "How do you do that?"
For a moment she thought he was going to burst a vein, but he puffed his cheeks and stomped off.
"Alone at last," she uttered, raising the empty glass to his retreating figure.
Since she couldn't get drunk ever; trying to do so was a futile exercise. She would only end up feeling nauseous and itching all over; the mere thought of it made her skin itch.
Bored out of her skull, she contemplated taking a reindeer ride. Then again, that was what had caused the problem in the first place. Not that the reindeer actually pulled the sleigh through the air, it was all pure magic.
"Note to self: take reindeer rides on Christmas Eve off the to-do list."

Enjoy!  ♥ Linzé

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