Friday, 6 June 2014

Infographic Thursday: Blogging for the Blogger

Don't you sometimes wish that there was just one more hour in the day? Heck, one more hour in the week could work too!
With work and writing and life's endeavours, where do you find the time to keep up a regular blog in all that?
The answer lies in passion. Ha, not the kind that sets bed sheets on fire (well, not here anyway), but the kind that makes you excited about something, an issue, a charity or a social concern.
My passion is writing, but I can get excited about most things you can place under the creativity umbrella.
Do you need to blog everyday? Twice a week? Once a month?
The are no hard and fast rules, but the generally accepted timeframe is twice a week. But if that is not possible, pick a schedule that will suit you, that your readers like, and stick to it.
I keep a calendar, but when the challenge of a book launch and a long awaited art competition cross my path, so does my good planning slip out of the back door.
And here I have a time management theme for 2014. 
Guilty of not taking own advice, your honour!
Here are a few tips to help you out, but feel free to add from your own experience what has worked for you, and what didn't.
Source for the Infographic