Thursday, 19 June 2014

Infographic Thursday: The DNA of a Good Book

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of blogs out there to give advice on writing, structuring, characterisation, plotting and scene setting in a novel. Advice abounds on use of short sentences, proper syntax and grammar, to say nothing of every writer's pet peeve, correct punctuation.
As a writer with some experience, I am still perfecting my craft (turning it into art?) and have compiled an extensive list of references of my go-to blogs for advice on writing. You can never know too much, in my opinion.
As many a writer, traditionally or indie published will tell you, that writing a good book is simply the start. But this is an incredibly important start. Without that good book, well written, edited and proof read, the rest will only be a waste of time. And the rest is just as important to get it to my audience - my readers.

So here is today's info graphic on what makes a good book. What are the most important elements for you to make a book a favourite worthy to be read time and again?

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