Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Follow Me Tour: Botswana here we come!

Yep, it is time for one of those again! But this time I am not travelling for work, nor am I travelling in my own country. Nope, Francois and I are going on holiday in Botswana, one of our neighbouring countries.
When he came with the idea of going on a Photographic Safari, my first thought was, yeah, so?
You have to understand, he does this ALL the time. A weekend here. A week there. Drakensberg. The Rigtersveld. Clarens. You name it, he has been there, and got the photographs to show for it.
Arching my eyebrows, I had to ask...and?
The succinct reply came, "do you want to go along?"
That was unusual, since he knows how I feel about watching photographers in action. Boring!
But this time will be different - I get to choose and use my own gear too. Surprised? So was I.
To make the pulling teeth exercise short, we are going to Botswana.
He wanted to fly (having received a sizeable bonus from his employer last year) and I said...no. I want to drive.
Sorry, there was no argument, but I won it anyway ;) I have never been to Botswana, and while flying might have been fun, I won't get to see much of the country in the process.
So we are packing our gear: cameras, toothbrushes, fresh underpants, and if there is space left, some more stuff.

Here is your invitation to follow me, while I tour a country I have never been to before, and living the experience with me on this safari!

You can read more about Botswana here.