Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Why I love the amateur sleuths

My to-read amateur sleuths (horizontal books)
Any writer, aspiring, published or best-seller - everyone will tell you to read. And to read a lot. For me that advice was always, duh? You seriously need to keep up with me. I read a lot. Have always read a lot. And if I have a say in the matter, will always read...a lot!
The one genre that I love, and yet have no desire to write, are murder mysteries. Especially the amateur sleuth variety. I am completely addicted to those!
I found seven authors online at my favourite e-store and after reading their first books, I became a fan. Some have been writing since before I was born!
But why this specific sub-genre when there are so many murder mysteries and thrillers - and very good ones - available in the market?
The reason for that I ascribe to the fundamental reason that I read fiction: relaxation. 
I have an engineering background and the finer details of forensics and scientific information would not be too far over my head. I could always research any details that I don't grasp immediately. And there is the exact reason that I prefer the amateur sleuth series' - no scientific details, no intricate forensic explanations.
The series' written, and still going strong, by these authors have created characters whose lives I want to experience with them. Their friendships, love lives, traumas and achievements which are so much like the lives we live everyday. Sure, the main character in each series have a sleuthing trait, but that is part of the package, isn't it?

It is not everyday that someone will review a series, but that is what I am going to do. Giving the plot away? Never! But each of the series have something that appeals to me and I want to share that with you.

Maybe there is an author amongst them that you could add to your to-read list. You might end up with a wish list (to-read list?) as long as mine! :)