Friday, 5 September 2014

Follow Me Tour: The last of Botswana

Hippo not happy with us being so close
With almost 4000 photographs under my belt for this trip, it will take several weeks, if not months, to work through them all.
It was an amazing experience to take these photographs from a boat on the Chobe river, or a Unimog driving overland in the Chobe Nature Reserve on the northern most area of Botswana.

I have added more of the photographs to Pinterest if you want to have a look. As I work through to 4000, more will be added to my Botswana board. My perfect picture turned out to be not so perfect after all.
The composition is very good, but the photograph is not perfectly sharp so there is not much that I can do with it in terms of printing and framing it for an exhibition we will be having later this year. But such is life :)
I am thinking of painting it in oil, then at least the effort will not have been wasted.
Then again, my husband thinks it can be fixed since the photograph is good enough. I am so happy now!
He just made my day, and via Skype too!
Oh, if you want to see what the hubbub was about - here is the link :)

Water monitor basking in the early morning sun