Sunday, 28 September 2014

How to Optimise your Guest Post on a Host's Blog

This post was reblogged with permission from Chris Graham @ The Story Reading Ape 

While I cannot speak for other bloggers on this topic, I suspect that similar advantages may be gained by using the following tips and suggestions when invited to appear as a guest on any blog:

1.  Always read any conditions and/or requirements pertaining to the host blog, follow them and check everything before you send your submission. Especially any hyperlinks you provide.  This will minimise any research and correspondence time between you and your host. Some blogs (like mine) schedule their posts in advance (up to two months in advance in my case), so requests to change your article, even only slightly, can be problematic.

2.  Never forget that a guest post is your opportunity to touch base with potential readers, other authors and even possible future friends (WordPress visitors are especially friendly and I have found them to be always willing to help other authors and bloggers, as well as me)

3.  Never, ever consider using a guest post ONLY as a “Buy My Book” advertisement – there are other vehicles you can useto do this, e.g., Book Promos, Giveaway Announcements, Freebie Day Announcements, New Book Release Announcements, Book Tours, etc.
After all, if you are being introduced to a stranger by your party host, or a mutual friend, do you immediately wave your book in front of the new face and scream “BUY MY BOOK” instead of saying “Hello” and allowing a little time to get to know each other a little better?
Of course you can (quietly) mention your books, but only after they’ve got to know you a bit better :)

4.  Never, ever share a personal secret online. Ambitions, hopes, things that inspired or comforted you are OK for public consumption, but never, ever, a personal secret. It could be just as damaging as sharing an embarrassing photo of yourself on Twitter.

5.  Respond to any comments made on the host blog about your published guest article, especially thank the folks who have re-blogged your post, they are helping spread your fame further afield.
Visit the blogs of commenters and re-bloggers, you might like what you see there, become a follower, gain a friend and maybe even appear on that blog in future :)

6.  Share the published blog post in as many media groups you are a part of, not just by re-blogging it, or doing a quick tweet, or even uploading it onto your Facebook page.
Many bloggers (like me) provide as many sharing facilities as their blog format gives, so visitors can share posts they like with their friends (and even their online groups).

7.  Take full advantage of these sharing facilities, not just once or twice, but revisit and use them again and again over a few days or weeks.
Share with your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Groups, and respond to any and all comments made there as well, especially thank the folks who have re-shared your article (see point 5 above).

8.  DO NOT SPAM - Overdoing the sharing will have a negative effect on your popularity and your books.

9.  Definition of Spam: NAGGING – i.e., repeating the same thing over and over and over in an almost automatic way till the point is (quickly) reached that you lose followers, friends (and possibly even family)

10.  So how often SHOULD you share? Ask yourself how often you would care to see someone else’s repeated messages, then divide it by two :D
It has been suggested not more than twice per day twelve hours apart and vary the timing by an hour each day thereafter.
STOP SHARING AFTER 12 DAYS – it is now stale and old news – even if you change the introductory headline each time!

So my fine author friends, there you have it.  Good Luck in your endeavours and don’t forget DO NOT SPAM.

Note from Linzé: Please follow Chris over at The Story Reading Ape, he supports and promotes indie authors like me, thank you! ❤ ❤