Friday, 26 September 2014

Romance in September: The Scent of a Soul by Jennifer Thompson

Fleeing her recent past, Lilliah Woods finds refuge in the anonymity of the present day inner-city slums. As she settles into the seedy apartment she must now call home, she meets mysterious Marek Jamison when he materializes in her doorway demanding to know who she is. From that moment, he becomes a guardian and guide as she gradually discovers his hidden world. As their relationship develops, Lilliah learns of Marek's dark past and of a brothers' quarrel he has been embroiled in for years. The quarrel turns into a larger battle of good and evil, liberty versus tyranny, and the separation of love and lust. With Lilliah as the ultimate prize, the deadly conflict reaches out to threaten her family, and the outcome of the final battle will determine her fate. Lilliah must embark on an unexpected path that teaches her to trust in the man she has come to love, and give of herself as she never thought she could....

Crossing the worn, unpolished floor boards to the windows, Lilliah slid back the curtains to see empty, pale gray clouds cover the sun, adding to her depression. The tears fell, and she let them. She almost considered pushing aside her pride and calling her parents. They had pleaded with and warned her. She had not listened and now she had to face the consequences.
Startled by the sense that she was not alone, Lilliah turned towards the open door. A man stood near it, watching her. His imposing figure boldly filled the doorway, and he stared at her with such intensity that it made the hair on the nape of her neck stand up. He had hair the perfect color of brown—like dark chocolate—and a well-groomed ruggedness about him that made him seem out of place in their surroundings. He looked at her with troubled eyes. She couldn’t distinguish their color because of the shadowing of the room, but they made her feel very aware of herself, from her puffy eyes to her runny nose.
He walked towards her with careful, measured steps. There was no look of malicious intent on his face, but Lilliah wondered if she should be afraid. He looked at her like he had seen her before and was seeing her again after a long absence. He stopped so close to her that she took an unconscious step back and bumped into the lamp, causing it to tip. He reached out to steady it, and her. She quickly moved out of his reach. Some of the intensity left his eyes and was replaced with comprehension that he had frightened her. He stepped back.
They were blue. An unbelievable blue. Deep and dark like a newborn baby’s. Lilliah had never seen eyes like his before and they were the last thing she needed to add to her complicated day. They stared at each other, and Lilliah wondered again if she should be frightened. She calmed her breathing to ask, “Can I help you?”
His voice was deep as he demanded, “Who are you?”

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Author Bio
Jennifer Thompson is a native Arizonan whose newfound love for writing stemmed from her great love of books. She enjoys immersing herself in an engaging story and can always be found with a good book close by. A graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in History Teaching, Jennifer and her husband reside in southern Arizona with their five children. The Scent of a Soul is her debut novel, and with the creative flood gates now opened, she is working on bringing to life other stories waiting to be told.

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