Friday, 3 October 2014

Featured Book: The Eyes of Gold Rise by J Minerva Davis

The world of Szurane is halfly a comedic adventure, and halfly the commentary of the inanity of GM and tabletop experiences.  While Eyes of Gold itself is told as an endearing, first-person story through miscolored lenses, the setting itself was designed by the author over thirteen years ago and used as a ten year, custom setting and system. Follow the perspective of Rumea and her unfortunate band of miscreants on a fate-twisting adventure that includes everything from battles with demon kings to men in dresses. Rumea Donoma isn't a hero. In fact, she's globally received as an evil wizard. She isn't entirely sure how she's gathered this reputation, but she's pretty sure the journey she's on isn't going to help her get rid of it...

During its peak, Szurane had 300 users and the author, then-GM, J Minerva Davis saw crazy things in her days from players and ensured she served them their insanity back.  Eyes of Gold is a hilarious misadventure with characters designed as amalgams of recurring archetypes and re-tellings of favored campaigns, villains, and ten years of story-telling experience. On a core level, one doesn't have to be a gamer to appreciate the series.  You only need senses of humor and adventure. RISE is the first book in a promised trilogy to be released by Wolf Paw Publications.

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“Dragons?” Serena furrowed her brow. Something was on her mind, but she didn’t seem to know how to speak it. “...When did the dragons go to war?”
“During the two great demon wars.” Minerva spoke up only marginally from her spot at the foot of the bed. Tentatively, tiredly, she took a seat. “The rubies only experienced one massacre. It sounded like you were recounting the southern battle during the first Demon’s War. That’s the last anybody heard about the Talons, at least.” She knew a surprising lot for a weak willed child.
I hiked my brow, but decided to reserve more personal questions for later. I stayed on topic. “How long ago was that?”
“Somewhere between four and five thousand years ago.”
I rubbed my forehead. “And how long do dragons live?” I was trying to will my headache away, but it wasn’t working.
That made her thoughtful.“I don’t know... I think the oldest dragon right now is almost four thousand years old, but Lord Genbu doesn’t deal with him. Says he has the crazies.”
At four thousand years, the eldest known dragon was senile. Then we had a Zento that was at least that old, if my vision and her data was correct. My head was swirling, and not just from the flashback. “Genbu would know if Zento was an elder dragon, right? They’re big holy-men and all.”
Minerva shrugged, head tucking beneath her shoulders. “Maybe.” I could tell that her information was dwindling, and she was quickly becoming nervous.
I had a nagging feeling things were about to get a lot more complex. “I think we need to have a talk with Zento.” I stood.
Minerva turned after me. “I don’t remember anyone named Zento, but... I do know one thing. The Ra’Alish were, among the sapphires, as the Krin are to Rubies. But... I thought they all got killed by the early Sanguinarian.”
Hand on the doorknob; I paused. “Ancients...” still, one thing concerned me. “So... how is it that the dragons keep getting wiped out? That’s not exactly an easy thing to do.” They were knights and messengers of the divine, creatures that lived thousands of years. Short of demon dukes, there wasn’t much a dragon had to worry about.
“...The Dragon Slayer.”
The door opened, and Zento stepped back in. The room went quiet, but he’d certainly heard a few words as he entered. 
He didn’t seem to take much notice.
“Oh! She’s awake. I don’t think you would have ever lived it down in the underworld if you died. Slayer of the demon duke, felled in a tower of toys.”
The entire room was staring at him. I narrowed my eyes. “Zento... we need to talk. And this time, you aren’t running away.”

Author Bio
J. Minerva Davis, born Janelle Marie Davis entered the world in Rancho Cucamonga, California.
Currently living in Texas, she has had her own odyssey in life at the fresh age of twenty-seven, having been at the highs and lows and writing poems in the walls of homeless resource centers. A domestic violence survivor, this mother of three has refused to relinquish the dream of her thirteen-year project. Eyes of Gold began as simple, mindless doodles in middle school and has evolved through many phases and faced destruction by her aggressor. Repeatedly rebuilding her pride and joy potential series, she feels each destruction has allowed a stronger and more refined rebirth as she battled into maturity.
She has many more projects at her fingertips, such as Godsblood which is under business planning by Jerry King after referral by producer-rapper 8ball; stay tuned for word on a potential TV or web series. Pre-release, her cult following (largely from her old gaming group) pushed her into the semi-finals of the United Indie Book Blog contest amidst 430 nominations.  She has been featured on the Raz n Dark Podcast, the TSRA hall of fame, and Literary Promotions. All this, with her first officially published book hitting the shelves on 17 September 2014.

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