Friday, 31 October 2014

Featured Book: Maurpikios Fiddler - The True Meaning of Magic by MJ Logan

In the small town of Hallows Creek beware of what you assume; things are not always what they seem. The Fiddler’s appear to be the picture perfect family, but they harbor deep dark secrets that are about to be unleashed on the stability of an entire world. Even after realizing the terrible twin diseases are one in the same, childhood cancer and scorpioma, it is still a race to save the lives of their children. A century old treaty had ended years of war and is now vulnerable to a long held prophecy that foretells the emergence of a champion. Could that Champion be young Maurpikios Fiddler? Unfortunately, for every champion, there will be dark forces to oppose his greatness. Radu Vrotsos, a wealthy philanthropist and a maniacal wizard, is vehemently against the integration of the magicals and the non-magicals. It is his hope to bring the world to submission under one of the darkest and most evil powers in existence.
A sudden attack of excruciating headaches and horrifying dreams will be the horrific antecedent to Maurpikios Fiddler’s journey. Unexpectedly, he will find himself in the position of facing down the enemy as well as his own mortality. He swiftly soars into a world of chaos where he is suddenly exposed to the staunch reality of magic intertwined with danger, curses, evil witches and wizards and infinite adventure. This magically enchanting quest involves other children like himself, a scroll that reveals the secrets of a family, a golden scepter and a stone destined only for the hands of the chosen one. Maurpikios Fiddler will discover just how the secrets of the Fiddler family affect his own destiny and the entire town of Hallows Creek. He will have no choice but to display true bravery, accept his destiny, and ultimately discover the True Meaning of Magic.

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The story behind Maurpikios Fiddler
In 2012, the most amazing transformation took place. An enchanting fantasy novel was born out of real life tragedy. After only two years in the realm of academia, I accepted the 10th Accolade as an Award winning professor at a Major Flagship University. As a wife, a mother, and a medical practitioner, I was on top of the world, and nothing could have slowed me down. However, that is what I thought. On February 29, 2012 my eleven year old son was diagnosed with a rare cancerous brain tumor, and my life was turned up-side-down. Within weeks following total brain resection, we up rooted our lives, and moved over 600 miles away for radiation and chemotherapy treatment at one of the nation’s leading hospitals in childhood cancers. The immediate aura of the hospital was magical, and each day spent throughout the eight month ordeal did not motivate me to write an “oh woe is me book”, but one that mirrored the magic and miracles that both I and my child experienced during this ordeal.
This magical story is the result of my own coping mechanism as my child endured cancer treatment. He is an eleven year old boy with big hopes and dreams, and an avid reader, with an amazing love for fantasy fiction. More important, alongside the warriors of this amazing hospital he fought a victorious battle against childhood cancer. This is a story of life, love, loyalty, family, friendship, and most of all faith in God. It is set in a world of fairies and angels, and all things magical. However, it is loosely based on the real life journey of an amazing child who discovered the True Meaning of Magic. This story is told through the experience of imaginary characters, yet all of the characters are a culmination of every wonderful child, family, medical provider, nurse, administrator, and staff that we encountered in our journey. I wanted to share not only our experience but the magical blessings that were received by my family and the other families, as we all discovered the true meaning of magic.

About the Author
M. J. Logan resides in the Southeastern region of the U.S. Logan's doctoral education was earned at a major university in the Southeast as well. Logan has two boys and has been happily married for over 13 years. Most recent service was in academia as a college professor. Logan is an avid reader, has a love for fantasy, and 20 years in health care, spending much time working with youth ranging from five years old to young adult. Recent personal tragedy steered Logan toward the fight against childhood cancer, and henceforth the birth a new kind of magical hero- Maurpikios Fiddler.
Dr. Logan boasts accolades and accomplishments in healthcare as well as in academia. Logan's favorite charity is Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis Tennessee. There are a list of writing credits related to academic studies and practices, yet this is a debut work in the realm of fiction. The Maurpikios Fiddler series is to be rolled out over the next few years with the True Meaning of Magic being the first of a journey for the next generation of fantasy lovers.

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