Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Breaking News: Launch of the Kasparov MiniChess App

Marisa van der Merwe: CEO and Founder of MiniChess
This event has been in the making for eighteen months. And it is not just another chess playing app. Nope, this is the one app that will eventually help you to play chess, but it is first and foremost an educational tool.
Developed by an overseas company, it has taken many months to take a hands-on books system, to a visually appealing and fun mobile device app.
Aimed at the age group 5 to 9 years, it helps to develop skills in children with a programme that now includes the antics of Cheddar, the MiniChess mouse.
Marisa van der Merwe, Graham Jurgesten
Marisa with Graham Jurgesten and one of the children taking part in the programme
Skills such as spatial thinking, forethought, strategic thinking and creativity are just a few of the things that are developed in children when taking part in this programme.
The programme is now available in several countries and is underwritten by the Kasparov Chess Foundation. Mr. Jurgesten representing the African branch of KCF, added his words of praise and enthusiasm on behalf of the chess master himself.
Kasparov MiniChess App Launch
People attending the launch ready to raise their glasses in celebration
The App was launched at the head office of MiniChess in Pretoria, South Africa tonight and the event was by invitation only.

You can find the Kasparov MiniChess App on iTunes and Android online stores.