Thursday, 19 March 2015

Book Feature: Sins of the Father by Jenny Twist

sins of the father, jenny twist
Rupert is having very strange and disturbing dreams about his dead father. In his dreams his father is a dark, shadowy figure who preys on people while they sleep. But in his waking life Rupert knows nothing about him. His mother refuses to talk about it. Then he meets Samantha and together they decide to find out what happened and track his father down.
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The story behind Sins of the Father

I first read about the mantequero in Gerald Brennan’s books. He tells the tale of how a tall, thin and very pale aristocratic friend of his was captured by some peasants when he was walking in the mountains. They were convinced he was a mantequero because he was so pale and thin, and were about to murder him on the spot, but decided, to be on the safe side, to take him to the mayor. Luckily the mayor was not so superstitious and told them he was not a mantequero but an Englishman.
I was very intrigued by this and did some research. There are quite a few examples of real live people murdering others for their fat but of the legend itself there is very little, so I felt justified in inventing my own mantequero and wrote a short story in which a fat and unloved schoolteacher goes on holiday to Spain and meets the man of her dreams. You can guess the rest. Of all the short stories I have written, this one evoked more requests for a sequel than any other and I wrote another story about how two of the teacher’s friends went to look for her and found rather more than they bargained for.
Some time between releasing Mantequero and Disappeared, an American school teacher told me how much her class had loved Mantequero. Many of the children were Hispanic and were particularly interested because it was their culture. She suggested that I write a Mantequero story for young adults.
I toyed with the idea and deliberately left an opening for a new story at the end of Disappeared. The Sins of the Father is the result of that idea. It is the first time I have attempted to write a YA story and I am a little nervous about how it will be received. It is quite a dark story but I am informed by my teacher friends that this is preferred reading for many young adults. We shall see . . .

In the meantime Jenny would be very grateful for any feedback you can give on Sins of the Father (especially if you are a young adult). You can contact Jenny any time on or you could leave a review on Amazon. She is always grateful for reviews.

About the Author
author jenny twist
Jenny Twist was born in York and brought up in the West Yorkshire mill town of Heckmondwike, the eldest grandchild of a huge extended family.
She left school at fifteen and went to work in an asbestos factory. After working in various jobs, including bacon-packer and escapologist’s assistant (she was The Lovely Tanya), she returned to full-time education and did a BA in history, at Manchester and post-graduate studies at Oxford.
She stayed in Oxford working as a recruitment consultant for many years and it was there that she met and married her husband, Vic.
In 2001 they retired and moved to Southern Spain where they live with their rather eccentric dog and cat. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, knitting and attempting to do fiendishly difficult logic puzzles.
She has written two novels - Domingo’s Angel – a love story set in Franco’s Spain and harking back to the Spanish Civil War and beyond - and All in the Mind – a contemporary novel about an old woman who mysteriously begins to get younger
She has also written an anthology of short stories - Take One At Bedtime – and co-written the anthology Bedtime Shadows – with the inimitable Tara Fox Hall.
She has contributed short stories to many other anthologies, of which two – Doppelganger and Uncle Vernon have recently been released as short ebooks.
Her first self-published ebook, Away With the Fairies, was released in September 2012. Her second,
Mantequero, was released in June 2013 and the long-awaited sequel, Disappeared, was released in January 2014. Take One at Bedtime was republished independently in May 2014 and Domingo’s Angel in July 2014. Sins of the Father, the third in the Mantequero series was released in August 2014 and Tales of the Mantequero, a compilation of all three Mantequero stories plus a further two, was released on 3 October 2014, and An Open Letter to Stephen King & Other Essays, a compilation of non-fiction essays and articles on 14 December 2014.

Twitter: @JennyTwist1