Thursday, 30 April 2015

Book Feature: Blood Moon (An Anthology compiled by Mary Blowers)

Blood Moon, Mary Blowers, anthology
Blood Moon is the second volume in the Anthology of the Heart series. Mary Blowers has once again pulled together authors from all over the globe to create a life-changing read. 
12 Authors, some never before published, wrote on the subject of Transformation. Blood Moon is a multi-faceted title referring to the three blood moons that have already occurred and one to come later this year. What transformation have they been a part of and what changes are yet to come? Is it the end times? No one will know until the day and the hour that He appears. Jewish teaching states that blood moons on Jewish feast days predict major events. Time will tell if it will be true this time. The blood moon phenomenon itself is an intense transformation that baffled and frightened people of the distant past, and possibly in some regions even today.
In the meantime, enjoy these 12 stories about Transformation. Change is often helpful, and always interesting.

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Available on and, with iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and several other online e-book retailers to follow soon, it is currently available in e-book formats and available in paperback from More information will be forthcoming on Blowers' blog,

About the authors of Blood Moon
Mary Blowers, has just published an anthology of short stories from writers from around the world on April 25, 2015. Blood Moon is an anthology having to do with transformations of all kinds. The title is tied to the Jewish belief that blood moons recurring in groups of four have a spiritual significance and are an omen portending great change. 
Mary Blowers, editor, is a freelancer writer and independently published Christian author specializing in self-published anthologies. Blowers has written and published several books including Filled With the Holy Spirit; The Prophecy of Enchantria; and Fatigue: When Waking Up is Hard to Do, as well as her first anthology, Where Dreams and Visions Live.
Contributing authors are Mary Blowers, Robin E. Mason, R. H. Ali, Tiago Mota, Dash McCallen, Jacklon Michelle Wright, Timothy Trimble, Wendy Janes, Peter Bouchier, Erik van Mechelen, Stewart Bint, and Vanessa Wright.

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