Thursday, 1 October 2015

35 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19: Planning for Pantsers - Pulling it all Together

This is the only advice where things are going to be get really vague. This is your story, right? The one that you want to write and share with the world. Since you have all the elements now sorted out, there is nothing standing in your way to write it.
No excuses are allowed anymore!

Since you are here, and have all the necessary information at hand, why not link it all together to have at hand when needed. You can either use a document with a picture such as the one I made for you, and then link all the individual files to the right place in the file. What that means is when you need to look up some stuff about the town your zombies are invading, you click the link and the town information that you have so meticulously compiled, opens up, and there you go!

If you think of something to add, then save the file and the newest information is on hand again. Just be very careful about deleting info if you change your mind. Might I suggest you rather strikethrough the info instead. It is still there, if you want it back, and it is marked so that you don't feel tempted to use it.
Another method is to use a mind map to link all your files together. Most mind mapping software will allow you to link files to a node (the little nodules with info in the map) for easy reference. Or you can add all the info in the mind map itself. It could outgrow your computer screen, but that is your choice.

It is now up to you to have your main character face the challenges in your story, beat the villain, win the girl and live happily ever after. Time to get cracking, and all the best!

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