Friday, 16 October 2015

35 Day Blog Challenge - Day 34: The Last Word - Back Matter

About the Author
This may be the last paragraph in your book, but do not disregard its importance. The About the Author paragraph (or two) provides your reader a personal view into the person whose book they have just finished reading.
What should this paragraph entail? It is entirely up to you, but here are a few pointers to help you decide how to word your Author Bio:
  1. Don't lie about yourself. This does not mean that you have tell all, but don't say things that are not true to make yourself sound more important or more educated.
  2. Don't brag. It is all good and well that you have a PhD, but you can word it in such a way that people won't feel inferior to you when they read it. You want to come across as someone that your readers can relate to, PhD notwithstanding.
  3. Share something that you are interested in. A hobby or two, or something that you like to do with your family.
  4. Keep the bedroom door closed. While the sex lives of celebrities might be fascinating to the tabloids, you do not want to air your bed sheets in public. It is bad enough that the perception exists that any and all sex scenes in books are based on the writer's own experiences. It is not true for the majority of writers, but even if it is the truth in your case, refrain from mentioning that.
  5. Since you are a writer, don't forget to mention something about how you got started, or what made you write your first story.
  6. Keep it short. This is not the time for colourful prose and literary thoughts. Keep it under 200 words as far as possible.
  7. Social media contact details. Add you four (maximum) best social media profile links of which one should be your blog or website. 

For print books a photograph can be added, but check the ebook requirements as some platforms may not allow another graphic aside from the cover to be part of the published files.