Sunday, 3 January 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 3 Jan 2016

It is 20h50 and I am in my office at home, trying to stay cool. Even in my pj's, that is proving to be a challenge. Constant high temperatures in summer are not fun if you are of the overweight class like I am. Yeah, the weight-loss thing has not been going too well over the festive season. Not losing anything over the past two weeks was disappointing. I am grateful, though, that I didn't gain a gram either. Silver lining and all that.
I made a New Years resolution for this year. Nope, not the weight thing since that is ongoing. I undertook to spend more time on my art projects. Instead of waiting until December, and then spending days getting back into the groove, I am now going to take one weekend every month for my art. It then also means I don't stop writing in December. Which has also proven to be a frustration.
So 12 weekends equals 24 days (plus a public holiday here and there) and that makes up the days in December I would have spent painting or sketching instead of writing. I think it is a win-win situation for my creative alter ego.
Since I am still on leave, I took my art weekend this first weekend. It works out well for all the January getting-back-to-work and my writing schedule issues that invariably happens.
Project JOURNEY will kick-off next weekend and I will get into 'writer' mode by finishing my research in the next two weeks. My short story has already taken shape in my mind, so the writing part should not take too much time...I hope.
Hubby is off to work tomorrow, so the usual weekly routine of photo club meetings (affecting our dinner planning), writers' group meetings (affecting our Saturday planning) and other social engagements commences.
If you are new to my blog (welcome!) I have always had a public journal page, called Linzé's Mischief. I deleted the page when I gave my blog a facelift. The posts will now be at the usual time (Sunday evenings) as a normal blog post instead of a page update. The length of the page was making my blog very slow and cumbersome to update. All these posts will be tagged 'journal' if you want to read them again.
I am also starting a blog serial (from 12 January) where I will post a chapter of a story every Tuesday. The chapters are short and will not take more than 3-5 minutes of your time to read. If you missed a chapter, you can find it by clicking the 'blog serial' in the keywords.
It is a new year and it is going to be hectic. And boy, am I excited about it.

Until next week!