Sunday, 21 February 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 21 February 2016

It has just gone past 7 pm and I am exhausted. I set myself the target to sit and write the first draft of Galen's Hope this weekend. I have been coming up with excuses for weeks now and on Friday, I decided that enough is enough. So I kept my notes close, the box of tissues closer and I wrote the story.
Yesterday was bad. I had to do the scenes where Galen's found out that his entire family was killed, except his sister. Then he had to watch her die. Man, it was exhausting. I was crying so much my nose started bleeding. I also seemed to have a burst vein in one eye, although that could have been from the pressure test the optometrist did on Friday. The crying probably made it worse, but yeah, it wasn't fun.
Today's scenes were as emotional but the story was not an easy one to write. I have asked for people to read it to see if the story works. If not, there is still enough time for me to do another one before the JOURNEY project's deadline.
But it's done and I am not going to touch it for a few weeks before editing it.
On a lighter note, I have started editing another story for my blog - The Billionaire Baritone. It is a sweet romance that will soon grace the pages of the Broomstick.
On that note, people have been saying that the links to early chapters of The Friendship Affair were not working. Since I have not had such difficulties, I also published the chapters (already available on my blog) to Wattpad. Now you can read them in order. You can also follow me on Wattpad to get the latest instalment right away.
Look out for several reviews coming over the next few weeks. And they are not just romance novels, I promise.
You might have seen the post about my mother's passing a few weeks ago. In there I mentioned her love for cross-stitch. My dad gave me all my mom's embroidery stuff and the finished projects. I have been pondering what to do with them since the colour schemes of the various designs she had done do not fit my home.
Then I got the idea to make a quilt - a couch cover really - and to use them in such a way that they will blend in with the colour scheme of my living room. So my project for the upcoming winter will be to make the quilt. I have done it before, but this will be a challenge of a different kind. Will keep you posted.
I am going to get some coffee, put my feet up and read the next Embroidery Mystery by Amanda Lee, Cross-stitch before dying ( loving the series!)

Until next time!