Sunday, 28 February 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 28 February 2016

This year is two months old and already people are asking: where did the time go? Time is not ticking by any faster than it did last year or the year before or even ten years ago, and yet people still ask. I have been wondering about that for a while now. Why do we feel that time goes by faster, when in actual fact it does not.
Does it have to do with the rat race we found ourselves in? Or perhaps it is the increasing levels of stress we have to deal with every day? Or perhaps...I don't know...drifting along doing what is required - work, family, chores, work. Would we feel the same if we lived life for ourselves?
I don't mean that in a selfish, egocentric way, but do we even bother to make an appointment with ourselves, to meet our own needs of comfort and pleasure and self-expression?
My husband mentioned that December and January flew by at the speed of white light, but didn't make the same statement about February. While I was sketching today, I had a thought about that.
Yes, December and January for us had been hectic. Some things unplanned crossed our paths and for that he could be forgiven to think that time flew by.
But February was not like that, was it? Yes, we were busy, for him especially but that is normal in our lives.
I did another lesson in my tai chi class today - I am a bit behind on learning new forms, although I have been keeping up with my practicing. Especially after my horrible day yesterday, had an awful migraine that kept me in bed most of the time, another lesson was a welcome distraction. But it also reminded me of what I am doing with my time. My tai chi teacher (I am doing David Dorian-Ross' course) mentioned that a student of tai chi should be more aware of her next move. Her next choice. Her reaction towards a threat or simply what is going on around her. This way you have a measured response, a responsible counter reaction.
I think it is true about everything going on around us. A little philosophical perhaps, but maybe it is necessary to step back once in a while and think about the future. Time is only in our future. We cannot do anything about what has gone past. If we are more aware of what we spend our time on, on where we are wasting our time, will this not help to not ask the question 'where did the time go?'
Maybe I am more aware of time with the passing of my mother recently, but I think it was just one more prompt for me to look at what I am doing with my time and my life. Am I using time as best I can, or am I fooling myself about it?
Francois had been to a Photographic Society board meeting today and upon his return, he asked me what the soccer score had been between Man U and Arsenal. I had no idea. I didn't watch the game. I was utilising my time on the activity I promised myself as my new year's resolution - doing art. It will be a gift for a family member. Until he asked, I didn't know they had a game today. I used to love watching, but it has become less important to me. Maybe it never really was that important to begin with.

Are you still keeping up with that resolution for 2016? Is your time spent doing the important things you have been promising yourself? Do I dare ask the question: where did your time go this year?