Monday, 28 March 2016

Book Review: The Yoga of Max's Discontent by Karan Bajaj

I volunteered to review this book as a blog host as part of a blog tour. The tour was cancelled before it commenced.
I first need to clarify my views on the contents of the book before providing the details of my impression of it. I do not subscribe in any way to the spiritual philosophy associated with Yoga or Hinduism. I will not comment on any religious or spiritual aspect of the story.
I found the story to be long with an old-fashioned narrative style - mostly telling not showing, and limited dialogue especially towards the end. The ending seemed abrupt which didn't feel right given the length of the novel and the extensive descriptions in the narration.
The main character, Max was well developed. The reader gets deep insight into his inner turmoil, personal issues, his guilt and his journey to find himself. The way Max is portrayed as a selfish ambitious man on the road to becoming more caring and aware is exceptionally well done.
While his behaviour towards his fellow man rises to new heights, the increasing distance and disinterest in his own sister is a contradiction which I found disconcerting to some extent. How could he care more about other people and less about his own sibling?
Other characters in the story were likeable and remained in character throughout Max's interaction with them. I enjoyed these characters and Max's relationships with them - some fleeting, and others longer. The longer relationships were explored in more depth and they contributed towards Max's search and journey to find that higher level of existence he sought.
Despite the spiritual content, and my misgivings on some aspects of it, I mostly enjoyed reading the story.

My rating: