Saturday, 23 April 2016

Book Feature: A Piece of My Heart by Cindi Page

Do you believe in fate?
Sometimes, just sometimes, a series of unrelated events leads you to a particular place, out of your usual context, to meet a person that changes your life forever.

Do you believe in love?
When you meet the one, that person is more than just a lover, boyfriend or husband. They are your other. Time, place, age - these things are meaningless to two souls who call each other home.

Do you believe in happily ever after?
Is it possible? What if, when your path crosses with the one, the universe rolls out a red carpet and gives you your happy ending?

That’s how it is when Victoria, a young twenty-four year old teacher from South Africa meets the Turkish businessman, Alkan, who is thirteen years her senior. From the outside, these two should have nothing in common, but from the moment they lay eyes on each other, they both know that they have found their other.

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Here is an excerpt from Chapter 3:
"You gave me fright!" she blurted out, "Victoria. My name is Victoria."
Her eyes met his at the same time that their hands touched.
Something resembling a somersault deep inside her.
Vicky knew at once that she was in trouble.
He was smiling at her now and she was sure his dark eyes could see right through her. He pulled his hand away but his eyes stayed fixed to hers. There was an intensity there and Victoria didn’t dare look away. The silence swirled between them, daring the one and then the other to break it with a word.
Eventually Alkan got a hold of himself and sat back, still his eyes refused to leave hers. He willed words from his mouth.
"…you arrived just this morning?" he tried again. An unfamiliar feeling of being out of his depth struck him.
"Yes. I came from Tokyo," Vicky rested her hands on her lap and crossed her ankles. It was the controlled body language she had taught herself when she didn’t want to be read like an open book.
"I will be translating for you this evening?"
Alkan dragged his eyes from hers and looked out of the window on his side of the car. He needed to focus again. Suddenly he was annoyed that Helen would send him this attractive girl of a woman. As if the night wasn't going to be complicated enough he now had to deal with her. He didn’t need a distraction. But, she was all he had, and she would have to get the job done for him. Simple as that.
"Actually no, I don't want a translator in the traditional sense," he looked at her now again, but his gaze was indifferent with none of the open admiration Vicky imagined she had seen before. In response to the change in him, she instinctively brushed off the electrified encounter of a few minutes before and sat a little more upright. She waited for him to continue.
"I need you to act as my date. I don't want you to openly translate at all. In fact, I don't want my clients to know you understand Japanese in the least. I simply want you to tell me what they are saying when they think I don't understand…"

About the Author
Cindi Page is a former law student, turned English teacher, turned editor, turned writer. When she isn't day dreaming about the next story she going to write, she visits the Cape Winelands so that she can blog about wine, food and tourism. "A piece of my heart" (April 2016) is her first full length novel.
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Twitter: @1stTruLove