Thursday, 12 May 2016

Follow Me: Botswana Mashatu Day 1

And here we arrived to gorgeous weather and lovely people. A few kilometres before the border post, Pontdrift, we got a very nice surprise: a leopard crossed the road right in front of us. Of course, the cameras were stored and I was too slow with my cellphone, but it was a great sighting. Now we have to find the leopard with cameras in hand, and it will be a perfect sighting. 😝
So here is a taste of what we saw (and shot) today.
Tomorrow I will add some more pictures - still to be taken - of the venue and the outdoor shower. Yep, we have the opportunity to commune with nature...naked!

Now it's off to make backups of the day's efforts and get stuck into the next book I have promised to read for review. Until tomorrow!