Monday, 16 May 2016

Follow Me: Botswana Mashatu Day 4

Today we saw many birds. I love taking photographs of them, but I have to confess to being clueless about their names. Some I do know (or remember being told) and those I have added to their pictures. But the rest...sorry!
Also spotted a cat or three. 
Lions are lazy on the best of days. We got reports that even hours later they were still...flat cats. 🤔
We tracked the leopard for quite a while and eventually had to give up when she did a successful disappearing act into the thick bushes.
Then and mouse games are not purely for the domesticated felines I presume.
Enjoy! 😄

African Bee Eaters
African Hawk Eagle holding a piece of another bird it caught

Flat cats 😝

Red-billed hornbill