Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Follow Me: Botswana Mashatu Day 5

We had our last game drive in the early morning. As soon as we hit the area where we saw the female lions the previous day, the ranger noticed the spoor of a male lion. But he gave us the runaround and we never saw anything but his tracks.
While searching for the lion we came across...a leopard. Ha, the same old female we had found before. Lions forgotten, we trailed her for a long time and I took a stack of photographs of her.
When she left, we returned to search for the lions. This time, we found elephants in a fairly dense bushy area. Got a few good shots there too.
Then it was time to return to camp for brunch, after which we settled our bill and started our journey back home.
Six and a half hours after leaving the Mashatu Tent Camp (33 km from the South African border) we arrived back home, bone tired and hungry.
But it was an amazing trip where we met some awesome people, including our pro photographer Trevor Kleyn
If you have the opportunity to visit Botswana, the Mashatu area, part of the Thuli block, is well worth the effort, whether you are a photographer or not.
Here are a few last pictures from my camera to enjoy.