Sunday, 22 May 2016

Linzé's Mischief: 22 May 2016

Tree stump pencil on white A4 paper
(bad pic, sorry)
I like to draw and paint and stuff and sometimes think I am the next Picasso. (Yeah, hardly!) But then you never know until you submit three pastel paintings for an international competition and cringe when the submit button sounds so final.
Make no mistake, I love my pencils and pastels (non-painting phase, clearly 😝) and do spend hours upon hours shading and sketching and getting dust all over me and the table and the floor. Even managed to mess in the garage, right under Francois' car. That will teach him to leave it outside!
Rose I drew while writing
Galen's Hope (A5)
Spent most of today organising my pencils. They drive me crazy because I want them on my desk, but not in my way. Finally got that sorted out.
Francois made a photograph of sunflowers I took, black and white for me as my next project. I am also contemplating doing the same photo in colour with pastels. Love the rich vibrant colours of the pastels.
My next bird project will be a Bateleur, aka short-tailed eagle. A photo was taken by Francois of the bird about to fly from a tree branch.
If it sounds to you like I am procrastinating in my writing (or rather editing) it is because I am. I started editing Waiting for Adrian, but yeah, I should have been finished with chapter four already. I have to make a plan this coming week, time is few 🤔.

Finished the Tai Chi course I had started in December 2015. It might sound like a long time, and it took longer than I thought it would, but I am so happy with the end result. At the end of the last episode, the presenter goes through the entire routine from start to end. I managed to follow, keep up and do the forms in time with him. I am so chuffed with that.
Jackal Buzzard - pencil on A2 white paper
(from a photo taken by Francois)
I wrote a review about it. There were many thumbs down from people about other 5 star reviews about the course, and I have to wonder why. I set myself the target to learn the forms however long it took me. Maybe they expected it to be easier.
Trust me, it looks easy, then you watch someone else do it and think, WTF?! Then you try and follow along and practice, and then it suddenly isn't that difficult at all.
I had a great time learning the Yang style forms.
I only hope they will make a course for the 42 forms too. As far as I understand it is usually the competition style forms, but why not?
In the meantime, I will continue my daily Tai Chi practice of the 24 forms.

The submissions for project JOURNEY have been coming in and there are only a few days left. The editors are already busy with the early submissions. If all goes to plan, the anthology might even see publication earlier than originally planned.

Tuesday will see the last chapter of The Friendship Affair. I hope you liked the story. The next one will be coming online in June and will be available on Thursdays.

So here is to a great week to all of us, until next time.